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Michael Moore Subpoened for Cuba Trip for Sicko

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 27th, 2007 9:25 am by HL

Bush Administration Subpoenas Michael Moore

Think Progress
For the filming of his documentary SiCKO, Michael Moore took sick 9/11 workers to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to help them obtain free medical care. “The (rescue workers) just want medical attention!” Moore shouts into a loudspeaker in the movie, in a futile attempt to win over the security guards. “The same kind Al Qaeda is getting!” In May, Moore announced that the Treasury Department launched an investigation into his trip, examining “whether he had violated restrictions on travel to Cuba.”

Last night on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Moore announced that “the Bush administration has now issued a subpoena for me, going after me for helping these 9/11 rescue workers.” Moore said that the subpoena was unwarranted, since journalists are allowed to travel to Cuba, and “this was a work of journalism.” “I was there to help them and now I’m going to face this further harrassment from the Bush people,” said Moore. “Aren’t they busy with something else?” Watch it:

7 Responses to “Michael Moore Subpoened for Cuba Trip for Sicko”

  1. Hay Says:

    I agree with Moore: we need a single payer system in all medical care. However, I would not stop there. If health care is so vital, why stop with the efficient system a single payer system provides, with only healthcare issues? We also should have a single payer system for food, housing, transportation, schooling, recreation, clothing, heating, and energy costs. In fact why stop there. I submit the government pays for everything. We send our check to D.C. and they pay all the bills. This would also have the side benefit of getting rid of the need for money and greed. Currently we are only giving government, on all levels, half our money. Only when all is given to our efficient government will this nation be on the right track.

  2. Friendly Says:

    When the Bush administration blatantly ignores subpoenas, then it’s time for you, I and Michael Moore as American citizens to do the same thing. Disregard the law and follow the example of the “leadership” on the USA.

  3. Conservative Christian Values Says:

    Read it and weep libs. Moore owns Halliburton stock


  4. LA Says:

    The Worldnet story is consistent with what I have to say about Moore. He’s a fraud.

    As far as the best of the article, it’s no surprise that any of those people listed own property and enjoy the prosperity they’ve created for themselves.

    What’s the point of the article? To give the illusion the Republicans are not the only greedy ones?

  5. Hay Says:

    LA: More music to my ears.

  6. Left Coast Conservative Says:

    Friendly to start with there is a thing called Attorney Client Privilege and they are required to answer a subpoena when they are going to ask questions reguarding that very thing. So cry in someone elses beer.
    As to moore he has no right to claim “a work of journalism” because what he made is not called journalism so I guess he will get to meet Bubba.

  7. Friendly Says:

    You are in error by claiming that Executive Privilege applies to every underling at the White House or administration. Bush’s legal arguments fail due to a lack of legal precedent.