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Love Thy Neighbor, Someone Once Said

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on May 15th, 2007 5:48 am by HL

Church’s Sign Against Islam Sparks Controversy

WRAL Raliegh
sign in church in North carolina condemning IslamSpring Hope — Words like “bomb” and “die” draw attention to the small sign in front of Good News Independent Baptist Church.

Rev. Gary Murrell put up the sign, which on one side claims the message of Islam is “submit, convert or die.”

The other side reads: “When is the last time you heard of a Jew or Christian with a bomb strapped to their body?”

Despite some in the Islamic community who claim the sign is offensive, Murrell says it is not a hate sign.

“It was not put up there with the purpose of showing that we hate those people,” he said. “It’s not the people, it’s the religion.”

Murrell says it is a violent religion compared to Christianity. But not everyone agrees.

“I would really say that the actions of one individual really do not represent the Islamic faith,” said Debbie Jaunich, with the Islamic Center of Raleigh. “The Islamic faith really calls for peace.”

“It’s sad to see that we still have this kind of ignorance in the community about the Islamic faith,” she added.

Murrell says he is trying to make people think but Jaunich said she thinks it breeds discrimination and bigotry

13 Responses to “Love Thy Neighbor, Someone Once Said”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is hilarious!

  2. Myke Says:

    I’d join that church, at least they’re not worried about political correctness. The truth hurts somtimes…

  3. anon Says:


  4. Jim Says:

    Well, he’s right. Bernard Goldberg said the same thing in his book Bias. Say what you want about Turncoat Bernie, but a hatemonger he’s not.

  5. Jim Says:

    BTW, what’s a Christain?

  6. allen Says:

    Yet you Hollyweird libs say nothing when the Islamofascists preach their hate. PS The Islamo wackos also hate Libs too

  7. anonymous Says:

    “PS The Islamo wackos also hate Libs too”

    So do the wacko fundamentalist Christians in this country. To me, they’re two sides of one f’ed up coin.

  8. Heather Says:

    Although you teach the bible you might want to take a class on religion and educate yourself before you speak or post a sign.

    And ignorance continues…

  9. Glenn Harris Says:

    Did you notice that neither “Islam” or “Muslim” appear anywhere in the sign? It is arrived at by inference, which is the whole point! We all know damn well who’s perpetrating all the violence. Sad that so few are willing to be candid about it – probably afraid that people won’t like them anymore. If Islam is the virus, naivete and moral cowardice are the petri dish that makes its proliferation possible.

  10. yusuf Says:

    wow this is very ignorant sign islam is a very good religion
    and they have no hate towards each other but fuck cristians they cant
    remind themselves of the history crusades forcing people to convert to christian oh wow juss keep that in mind

  11. A perfectly caucasian Muslim Says:

    I have to agree with Yusuf, It’s great to make people think, but should we be trying to spread understanding? Not ignorance and hatred? Islam means: “Peace through the submittance of ones self to the will of Allah”. NO WHERE in the Qur’an does it condone suicide. Jihad is ONLY supposed to be use in defense, and it also says NEVER to force your religion on ANYONE! When the Islamic empire expanded several years after the death of the beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), they did not force their religion on the conquered peoples. In fact they let them keep their churches and synagogues, and continue the practice of their sabbaths and prayers and holidays. The same most certainly cannot be said for the christians. When they took Jerusalem for the first time, they slaughtered the Muslims residing within. Not a single Azaan (call to prayer) was heard from the minarets for one hundred years! When the Muslims retook Jerusalem, they didn’t kill a single person after the battle, nor did they loot anything or take revenge against the christians. Some may say “Well you can’t blame us for the mistakes of some so-called christians”. Well use your own plea, and look at this sign. Does this do anything constructive…at all? Not all Muslims are retarded sinners who disobey the Qur’an you know….

    Peace be upon you all, and may you find enlightenment.

  12. james Says:

    If Islam or Christianity were concerned with the spiritual we would not have a problem. They both are political animals, dangerous political animals and as long as they grow in their poltical power the world will be a dark place indeed. Just ask your fairy god father

  13. muslim Says:

    yusuf and perfectly caucasian muslim WELL SAID
    stereotypes … not fair al all!