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US Forcibly Drugging People Now…

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on May 15th, 2007 5:53 am by HL

Two Immigrants Say U.S. Agents Drugged Them

In Los Angeles, the unusual case of two immigrants whose deportations were botched by U.S. immigration officials has allowed a rare glimpse into internal proceedings within the Department of Homeland Security.

The men say that U.S. immigration officials drugged them in order to ease their removal from the country — but airline officials ultimately put a stop to the deportations.

Both immigrants are back in Los Angeles, appealing their deportations. And they’ve now obtained government medical records that seem to confirm their accounts.

One of the men, Raymond Soeoth, is a Christian minister from Indonesia who came to the United States in 1999 to flee religious persecution. But on Dec. 7, 2004, immigration agents told him he was going to be deported.

Soeoth says that an agent asked him if he needed medication to relax him for the trip. He replied that he did not. But a few hours later, says Soeoth, several agents came into his cell. One of them, he says, was a medic. He was holding a syringe.

“Two officers grabbed my legs, two officers grabbed my hands. Then they opened my pants. And then I said, ‘Why are you guys doing this to me?’ and I was crying and crying, and I said ‘Why? I’m not animal.'”

One Response to “US Forcibly Drugging People Now…”

  1. rajesh aggarwal Says:

    such incidents not only make the confidence of poeples break but they bring new disaster to the thinking of peoples on the adminstrative duties and the officers who always shatters them .this column is just a example of cruel activity .this type of officers should be double punished and there should be a ban on all their responsibilities in the goverment actions. no way they should be killed in front of public without any thought. we think of establishing a soceity where everyone is safe in all terms but our actions in this regard are always zero .our rules are not well framed and that is the only reason such activities are the daily headlines of newspapers . for everyone in the country rules are equal and the person who forbid them should be punished at the very spot of aknowledgemnt. the delay in the system of justice gives hope to the crime level to raise its foot.