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Bill Clinton: Hero To People Around The World

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on May 8th, 2007 6:19 am by HL

Bill Clinton announces AIDS drug deals

Bill Clinton American HeroNEW YORK – Former President
Bill Clinton announced agreements with drug companies Tuesday to lower the price in the developing world of
AIDS drugs resistant to initial treatments and to make a once-a-day AIDS pill available for less than $1 a day.

The drugs to battle so-called “second-line” anti-retrovirals are needed by patients who develop a resistance to first-line treatment and currently cost 10 times as much, Clinton said. Nearly half a million patients will require these drugs by 2010.

Clinton’s foundation negotiated agreements with generic drug makers Cipla Ltd. and Matrix Laboratories Ltd. that he said would generate an average savings of 25 percent in low-income countries and 50 percent in middle-income countries.

HL’s Take
Now that’s a real President. Actually trying to help people instead of kill them. The Republicans are going to be pissed at this. “How dare he try to help people, especially THOSE People. When Bill Clinton travels everywhere he goes people rush out to see him, to say hello, and shake his hand. They tell him how much they miss him and they love him. What will it be like for Bush after he is out of office when he goes out. Oh yeah that won’t happen because he will be sequestered in the middle of a 98,000 acre ranch in Paraguay.

Meanwhile the Republicans are doing just the opposite and trying to stop people from getting help via cheaper prescription drugs. The big Pharmaceutical industry are big contributors after all.

Drug import effort blocked

Seattle Times
WASHINGTON — The Senate, clearing the way for action on a major overhaul of the government’s troubled drug safety system, on Monday sidetracked an amendment that would have let Americans buy medicines from foreign suppliers but threatened to stall action on the larger bill.

The drug import measure, which was tacked onto the FDA overhaul, could have saved consumers billions of dollars, its sponsors said. But the pharmaceutical industry has argued that pharmacies risk being flooded with counterfeit drugs. And the White House, which also opposes importation, had threatened a veto of the drug safety bill if it eased restrictions.

That put the Senate’s Democratic majority in a bind: Many favor direct drug importation, but the amendment threatened to stymie a reform of the Food and Drug Administration that is considered must-pass legislation.

So some Democrats straddled the issue by voting for the amendment but also for a proviso requiring the government to certify that imports are safe — a step the Bush administration is unlikely to take.

The 49-40 vote to approve the proviso, offered by Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., was seen as a major victory for the pharmaceutical industry.

Cochran’s caveat “is clearly a poison pill,” said Sen. Bernard Sanders, a Vermont Independent and a strong supporter of allowing imports.

Washington’s Democratic Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray voted yes.

“Today is a day of lost opportunity,” said Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., author of the import proposal. If it became law, U.S. pharmacies would be allowed to import prescription drugs produced in FDA-licensed facilities in other developed countries.

Dorgan accused the drug industry of wanting to dictate prices to American consumers. “Yes, we have price controls in America,” he said. “Not government price controls, but price controls by the pharmaceutical industry

6 Responses to “Bill Clinton: Hero To People Around The World”

  1. Buck Says:

    “I will tell you this: I will not raise taxes on the middle-class to pay for these programs.” – Bill Clinton
    “It might suprise you to know I think I raised them too much, too” – Bill Clinton
    A short time later: “I take full responsability…for what we did. It was the right thing to do.” – Bill Clinton
    “I have no intention of raising taxes” – Bill Clinton
    “And I have a plan to do even better, to end welfare as we know it” – Bill Clinton (who vetoed the welfare reform bill passed by congress and later signed it taking credit for it)
    Campaign Finance Reform:
    “I am committed to curbing the influence of money in our political system.” – Bill Clinton
    Oddly enough it was Clinton selling the Lincoln Bedroom to big money donors

  2. Buck Says:

    “If a President of the United States ever lied to the American people he should resign.” – Bill Clinton running for US Representative in 1974

  3. Buck Says:

    Lets take a closer look at the Clintoons, HIV, and Africa!

    “We cannot forgive, and must never forget”

    Clinton being the person that he is signed into law the HIV Immigration Ban and Travel Restrictions in 1993, authorizing the deportation of HIV-infected non US citizens, and imposing a ten-day limit on US travel for HIV+ foreign nationals – which is why these conferences are no longer held in the US. (Nickles amendment to the NIH Reauthorization Bill).

    Clinton fired his Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who suggested that masturbation be discussed as a safe sex alternative, in response to a question at a World AIDS Day event held the United Nations. The dismissal of Dr. Elders, known as the ‘Condom Queen,’ resulted in a chilling effect on US HIV prevention efforts, ending prospects of wide spread distribution of latex condoms and water-based lubricants targeting populations who remain at-risk.

    Clinton as usual betrayed his promise for an AIDS ‘Manhattan Project,’ made as a candidate in 1992, to launch an all-out, coordinated research effort for an AIDS cure. Once elected to the White House, Clinton abandoned that promise, and the hopes of millions around the world who are still waiting and dying for a cure for AIDS.

    Clinton just being the man that he is failed to deliver an ‘AIDS Czar,’ despite his campaign commitment to create a powerful position, like the ‘Drug Czar,’ to lead the US efforts against the deadly AIDS pandemic. Instead, Clinton appointed a series of low-level, powerless ‘policy coordinators’, all of whom lacked sufficient power and authority achieve significant progress in the world-wide effort to end AIDS.

    Clinton refused to lift the federal funding ban for clean needle exchange programs, despite overwhelming evidence that these programs are highly effective in reducing HIV transmission among injection drug users and their partners. As a result, countless men, women and children have become needlessly infected because of Clinton with HIV, condemned to a lingering and horrific death.

    Clinton neglected the global fight against AIDS, and failed to direct adequate resources, allocating a paltry $100 million measly dollars for Africa’s AIDS orphans. Since leaving the White House, however, Clinton like the hypocrite he is, has suggested the US spend $2.5 billion to fight AIDS internationally – something the Clinton Administration never did in eight budgets submitted to Congress, despite huge surpluses. But this did not matter to Clinton as long as he was getting the HIV votes!!

  4. HL Says:

    So where did you copy and paste that from?

  5. Buck Says:

    What makes you think I copy and pasted it????

  6. Jay Dubya Says:

    Hang in there Buck, hell you may get to vote for George again! I know he’s been in there
    about two terms, but that ole boy can jump thru loops and do some tricks. He also good
    at smoke and mirrors.
    Take care Buck, see you at the polls.