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Republican Presidential Forum..The Candidates Speak.

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on April 25th, 2007 6:35 am by HL

News Items:

McCain to make case for presidency

This is a 13 Part Comic

Alberto Gonzalez

See The Rest Of The Comic Here

26 Responses to “Republican Presidential Forum..The Candidates Speak.”

  1. Buck Says:

    Folks, Im voting for John McCain for president. Im fairly certain that he will be the next president of the United States. Why you ask? Democrats is why. He will be running against democrats. He will be running against a liberal national democrat. Hell, half the work is done. Everone knows the dems are for hideing out in the donkey’s ass. So as long as they are cheap, and yellow and sorry and pathetic lackeys it will be easy to beat them. And beat them we shall.
    How is that for down home???

  2. Bill Says:

    Hey Buck you notice that HL put the hat on Gonzalez backwards.
    HL hate to burst your buble but I will vote for who ever is the Republican Candidate in 08.
    There is no way I would vote for someone that just wants to hand this country over to the next Saddam. And the Democratic candidates have all said they are for nothing but cut and run.

  3. H.L. Says:

    The hat is not backward, I got it right out of a closeup picture on google images. You guys go ahead and vote for whomever you want. I’m going to be cancelling one of you out right there. Lets rumble.

  4. Douglas Says:

    that my boy sound like a threat on some ones life and should be reported

  5. Douglas Says:

    and the hat is on backwards

  6. Bill Says:

    Hate to burst your buble but that hat is backwards and you saying it isn’t show how much you know about those hats. As to cancelling one of us out the only reason you would even say you were going to do that is because you don’t want the truth to be known. That shows just how much you care about this country.

  7. H.L. Says:

    Bill you are a genius in your own mind, and always right. Must be nice to always be right and oh so intelligent. Are you a member of Mensa? and as far as me deleting your scholarly comments. Why don’t you start your own website if you don’t like it? You, buck and Douglas can start a site and put up lots of I love Bush stories, then you could all comment back and forth about how great he is and how great the republicans are. But you won’t do that because it would be work. So much easier to go on someone else’s blog who has already done all the work, and leave your ultra lame ass opinions on every single post day and night as a way to try to discredit every word I say. How much are the republicans paying you? You must be getting paid otherwise why would you be on this site 5 times a day. So is this your job? trying to mess with my site? Nice life. Prove to me the hat is backward. As always lots of so called “facts” with nothing to back them up. You are a pathetic liar.
    Oh and anytime I see one of your comments I know is BS it’s gone. That must suck spending all those hours coming up with your endless fiction only to see it not there when you come back on here an hour later.

  8. anon Says:

    Where is the threat on someone’s life Douglas? The cancelling one of you out comment? I think HL is referring to cancelling out Buck’s vote. We got another genius on our hands here!

  9. Bill Says:

    HL athe problem is that you aren’t posting facts you are posting the same crap as the Liberal media. The post that I have put on have had web sites to back them up and you delete them saying they are lies. You try to use things like Clinton’s speach as fact and not the actual bill that he signed. You state that we are stealing oil from Iraq and never post the proof to back you up and than want everyone else to post proof. Nice try. According to you everything that a Republican says is a lie. But we both know that you are the one living in a Hollywood dream world.
    As to me being right all the time that could be since you seem to be wrong most of the time.

  10. Bill Says:

    Oh and as far as the hat goes. The wide part of the brim is in the back not the front like that one is. I have only been wearing hats like that since I was 3 years old.

  11. Douglas Says:

    hay if you turkeys can read somthing into our comments than we can read something to yours turn about is fair play. and i took it as a threat because of the “lets rumble” statement. sounds to me he wants to fight or some thing.
    HL the facts that Bill posts are not lies i have spent my time looking these up my self. You should try looking in a non-bias web remind me of a horse with blinders on and can only see in tunnel vision.
    As for the hat issue HL i’ve been working rough stock and “cowboying” since i’ve been 8 stop wathing all that hollywood movie crap they put the wrong impression on you THAT HAT IS BASS ACKWARDS.
    Also you can not cancel me in the poles,there is a hell of a lot more “red necks” than city slickers

  12. Douglas Says:

    do you evan know what the porpose of a “cowboy” hat is? and why it is made like it is. it was not made for style as your hollywood dream world makes it out to be. you are so smart please tell me if you are not afraid of making a fool of your self.

  13. Bill Says:

    HL you want to see what that hat looks like from the front than look at these.

    If you notice the widest part of the brim is in the back and the on you have on Gonzalez shows it in the front. So yes it is backwards.

  14. Buck Says:

    H.L., dude unless you just moved to Texas you will not cancel out my vote! You will just widen the margin of victory over the republican in Cali, and I will pile on the democrat looser here in Texas. H.L. did you know when you add up both vote totals of California and Texas together that the republicans blow away the democrats? Do you think it is bull?? Check it out for yourself!!!

  15. Bill Says:

    Hey HL ya know you can look at your statement about cancelling one of us out in regards to voting but what is sad is that is it in a nut shell. You will only be cancelling one and that leaves how many more. I don’t know of anyone that would complian about one person cancelling out one person whrn they know there are 2 or 3 more to that one. Nice try I’ll give you an A for effort though.
    If fact HL her are some facts for you I am sure you’ll like to hear.

    Twice as Many Americans Conservative as Liberal
    By James Joyner
    Looking at the topline results [PDF here] of the latest AP-Ipsos poll, I came across this:

    So 41% of the country self-identifies as “conservative,” 34% as “moderate,” and only 21% as “liberal.” Further, 14% consider themselves “strong conservatives” vice only 6% “strong liberals.” So, not only are there twice as many who consider themselves “conservatives” as “liberals,” but two thirds as many “strong conservatives” as “liberals,” period.

    This, from a survey sample where 47% are Democrats or Democrat leaners vice 43% Republicans or Republican leaners, where 68% think the country is on the wrong track, and 65% disapprove of President Bush’s job performance.

    Clearly, the powerful association with the word “conservative” persists even with great disaffection with the leadership of the Republican Party, and the negative connotation of the word “liberal” continues even after the public has swept Democrats into control of both Houses of Congress.
    Gallup Poll Ideology
    By James Joyner
    Very Liberal………………….. 6
    Somewhat Liberal………….. 15
    Moderate……………………… 34
    Somewhat Conservative….. 27
    Very Conservative…………. 14
    Refused………………………. 4
    Total Liberal…………………. 21
    Total Conservative………… 41

    That is from your Gallop poll that you like so it must be true right.
    There you have it folks the Conservatives out number the Liberals.

  16. HL Says:

    Of course you are right about me not cancelling you out because we live in different states. I was just trying to generate a little controversey. The Democrat will win in California, and the Republican will most likely win in Texas. (although I have a feeling that the Dem. will win in Cali, by a larger margin then the rep. will win in Texas.

    In the past (like in ’03) there may have been more conservatives then liberals, but I don’t know if that is the case now. (Witness the last elections) I think you have not fully grasped the damage that The Bush administration had done the Republican party.
    As far as the hat, if it is backward, thats ok, it just makes Gonzalez look like a lame cowboy (with his texas accent) who doesn’t know which end of the horse to ride on. I did however get the picture from google images. Having never worn a cowboy hat before I will submit to your expertise on that one.

  17. Buck Says:

    You know I was thinking the same thing, except just the orther way around. McCain will do better in California than Bush did and will pull at least 45% of the vote in the Golden state. Texas is ever increasingly growing conservative. It is the base as you know. The lone star state. A coveted electoral prize by the democrats but one that slips further and further from there reach. John Kerry got 35%. Texas supports war on enemies and it shows at the voteing booth. There is not a chance in a blue moon full a dog piss that a modern democrat presidential candidate can pull better than 35 or 36% or so. Not in a post 9/11 world. Cowardness acheived is cowardness perceived. I suppose it has always been that way. So I bet you are wrong. Yall better right Texas off. Or better yet, go ahead and tell them to spend their money in Texas . I would love to see it wasted. Republicans dont have to spend a dime here. But partner, we are going to give yall a run for your money in California. I think you know this already. That is, if you are as savy as you say you are!

  18. Bill Says:

    HL the date on this poll is March 2007. So I guess Bush and his Admin. aren’t hurting the Conservatives as bad as you think. As to the last election the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot because they did what they have always done and it will come back to bite them. That is they lied to the American people about what they were going to do.

  19. HL Says:

    Well lets see, they passed the resolution that they promised to pass. Bush has promised to veto that resolution. Then they will come up with a new one just like they promised, So I don’t understand where you say they lied. They didn’t lie, you lie.

  20. Bill Says:

    Really HL than why is it that they haven’t stopped funding the war. Why is it that they haven’t implemented all of the recommendations of the bipartisan commission that examined the attacks of Sept. 11 like they promised they would. They haven’t done a thing about S.S. They dropped the Impeachment to were Kucinich is the only one trying and no one will back him.
    And a resolution isn’t what they promised they got voted in by telling people that they would end this war and bring our troops home. So once again HL I am not the one lieing they are and you are standing up for them. I guess you forgot all about these promises they made. That is the problem with Liberals they can’t remember what they were lied to about because it is so often that the Democrats do it.
    You your Democrats are the Liers HL and so are you .

  21. hiutopor Says:


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  22. IntadeLet Says:

    How are you?

  23. xztheericzx Says:

    i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


  24. oOgerryOo Says:

    I’m Gerald.

    Just saying hello – I’m new.

  25. AMistyCrissy Says:

    Hi there! I’m Crystal. I am almost 18. 🙂
    I guess – wonderful name for this site! 😉
    It is so interestingly here, especially in this category.
    I was surfed about 2 hours before found this site. I think i’ll be here for a long time! :-*

  26. HL Says:

    Not that anyone will be reading this now, unless they find it in a google search, but Bill, Buck & Douglas. Who was right??? I WAS.
    Who was wrong??? Y’ALL WERE
    Who won the election THE DEMOCRAT
    Who lost the election THE REPUBLICAN.

    You guys were all idiots, and I was right about everything

    Blow Me