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Rep. Hypocrisy News of The Day (Pt. 1) Video: Fox Desperately Trying to Protect Con Perverts Keeps Calling Foley a Democrat

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 4th, 2006 10:15 am by HL

They are really hitting bottom now.

Desperation creeps in at Fox news

H.Ls. Take
Fox news ratings are down 75% from their peak, thats because 75% of their viewers, even though they are republicans know what lying sacks of garbage that network is. Bill O’rielly is a pervert, he got caught just like foley. Fox is lips are fused to Bush’s ass so tightly they are even resorting to provable outright lies on air. Typical Republican Hypocrites

6 Responses to “Rep. Hypocrisy News of The Day (Pt. 1) Video: Fox Desperately Trying to Protect Con Perverts Keeps Calling Foley a Democrat”

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  2. Buzz Says:

    I think that the re hab stuff is just a big cop out……….how many of these guys just say ” oh I am going to rehab ” just to get the attention on to something else??

  3. includeusall Says:

    I dont understand this websight. I like democrats and we as democrats need to be more understanding of Foley. He was a democrat at one time. He will always be a loyal democrat. Foley is welcome in the democratic party. So you mean spirited people need to include us all. There is no room for people that think tolerantly like we do in the republican party. We accept Foley and all like him as loyal libarals and loyal faithfull democrats! Long live Foley and all our liberal brothers and sisters.

  4. LA Says:

    Foley was NOT a democrat, so cut the crap. And besides political parties are not the issue here. I bet that if he had been a Dem, the Repubs would have had a hay day.

    The handling of Foley clearly illustrates that Repubs think of politics first and complete damage control. Not reality or dealing with the problems at hand.

    He deserves a prison sentence and so do any and all child molesters. Enough is enough. There is no defense for him. He is a criminal and it’s high time to deal with him.

  5. lmz90028 Says:

    Someone doesn’t have anything better to do than post fake message on this website…No one is amused by you.

  6. what now toons Says:

    ” The Grand Old Pervert & Liar Party ” ( a new cartoon)
    Pedophile’s are generally family members, and most are heterosexual. This is the party that uses Gay Marriage as a bogey man, while covering up crimes against minors. Shame on these hate mongers. Then there’s the lies, blaming the Democrats?!!!! When I saw the Fox news picture of Foley, with a (D)below his face, and then the Right Wing Blogs that were brought to my attention by http://www.democraticwarrior.com , my blood started to boil. Damn these Lies and lying liars. I’ve had enough of this disinformation. That’s why I tackled these Family Values hypocrites in my latest toon. Including the lies from Fox news that Foley was a Democrat! (arggg)! It’s my hope that these brainwashed Family Value Voters will wake up and see the light, and either vote these monsters out of office or stay home hiding in shame over the fact that they decided to vote for someone over a few crummy slogans.
    to see my Folly GOP cartoon, go to my website