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Sinosphere Blog: Preparing for ‘APEC War’ in China

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 4th, 2014 12:08 am by HL

Sinosphere Blog: Preparing for ‘APEC War’ in China
A bevy of government orders are kicking in to prepare Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting beginning on Wednesday.

Migrants Die After Boat Capsizes North of Bosporus Off Turkey
At least 24 migrants were said to have died from a boat carrying 43 to the European Union from the Middle East, the Turkish Coast Guard said.

W.H.O. Assails Delay in Ebola Vaccine
Dr. Margaret Chan, the director general of the health organization, said the drug industry’s drive for profit was one reason no vaccine had yet been found for Ebola.

Sex After 50? Less Important for Women, Portuguese Court Rules
A three-judge panel reduced compensation for a widow, now 69, who had won a court battle after surgery made sex painful, saying sex was less important after 50.

Russia Continues to Train and Equip Ukraine Rebels, NATO Official Says
After Sunday’s elections in breakaway regions of Ukraine, Western officials are increasingly concerned that the Kremlin may be trying to establish an enclave outside Kiev’s control.

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