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Reading Tuesday’s Tea Leaves

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on November 3rd, 2014 12:08 am by HL

Reading Tuesday’s Tea Leaves
David Shribman, RealClearPolitics
Tuesday’s elections are important — to the Congress, to the president, to the 2016 aspirants for the White House, to the country. They’ll create the political climate for the last two years of the Obama administration, set the table for the next presidential election and determine whether the 114th Congress is any more productive, or any less contentious, than the 113th. Midterm congressional elections often are over-interpreted, as they were in 1938: The Democrats lost 72 House seats but Franklin Roosevelt had little trouble holding onto the White House in 1940 and 1944. On…

Plutocrat or Populist? Actually, Hillary Clinton Is Neither
Joe Conason, RealClearPolitics
As America’s biggest political target — a status she is likely to enjoy for the foreseeable future — Hillary Clinton takes incoming fire of every caliber from all directions. One day her words are ripped from context to depict her as a plutocratic elitist; on another day, she is quoted, selectively, to prove that she is a raving populist. And on still another day last week, when she was campaigning in North Carolina for Sen. Kay Hagan, a right-wing rag tarred her as a “plutocratic populist.” Her partisan critics never worry about such ludicrous contradiction, as long as they can keep…

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