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Archive for February 20th, 2013

Wake-Up Call Needed on Black-on-Black Violence

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on February 20th, 2013 12:08 am by HL

Wake-Up Call Needed on Black-on-Black Violence
James Causey, MJS
In the last scene of Spike Lee's film “School Daze,” Laurence Fishburne is shown running around a black college campus screaming at everyone to “Wake up!”He wanted people to wake up and take notice of what was going on around them because things were getting out of control and it needed to stop.Today, 25 years later, documentary filmmaker Sixx King said black America needs a real life wake-up call because African-Americans are numb to the violence around them. Black men are killing each other at a record pace, but few are taking a stand against senseless violence.

‘New Morality’ at Barclays: Same Old Wall St.
William Cohan, Bloomberg
Is there suddenly a “new morality” on Wall Street? There is, if you believe Antony Jenkins, the chief executive officer of Barclays Plc.It’s tempting to trust this sweet-talking British banking executive, still in the flush of his new appointment to run the scandal-ridden institution. He is understandably anxious to distance himself and his bank from the atrocious behavior rampant at Barclays during the absolute monarchy of his predecessor, Robert Diamond. 

Dems Start Running From ObamaCare
James Taranto, Wall St. Journal
“Powerful Democrats” subjected a top Obama administration health-care official “to withering criticism” last week, notes Walter Russell Mead. When Gary Cohen, head of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, appeared before the Senate Finance Committee, chairman Max Baucus of Montana and Sens. Ron Wyden (Ore.), Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Maria Cantwell (Wash.) “tore into him.”Best of the Web Today columnist James Taranto on the emerging liberal criticisms of ObamaCare. Photos: Getty ImagesThe hearing didn't attract much journalistic…

Jack Lew & Obama’s Finance-Friendly Status Quo
Lloyd Green, Dly Beast
Last year, the Obama campaign waged an all-out assault on Mitt Romney for his offshore investments””a “guy with a Swiss bank account,” with “millions in the Cayman Islands, who refused to release his tax returns,” as Joe Biden put it. That was then. Now the Obama administration expects Jack Lew to be confirmed as Treasury secretary””despite his having invested $56,000 in a Cayman Islands”“based private equity fund during the career political operative's lucrative dip into the private sector. 

The New Liberals
Paul Waldman, The American Prospect
When he leaves office in January of 2017 — provided there isn't a terrible scandal or some kind of economic or foreign policy disaster between now and then — Barack Obama will likely be hailed as the greatest Democratic hero since John F. Kennedy. He got most of the way there just by winning a second term, before we even get to his already substantial policy successes. But the real reason is that for a long time to come, Obama will represent for Democrats the moment when they and their beliefs were ascendant. You can see it in the way some Democrats are already positioning themselves…