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Public Support for Tax Increases Is a Myth

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on December 13th, 2012 12:08 am by HL

Public Support for Tax Increases Is a Myth
Hanna & Cortes, Roll Call
Myths are perpetuated in Washington, with conventional wisdom created by one person and bouncing off hundreds more in a self-reassuring circle of groupthink. But in real America, you can find the truth if you look hard enough.When the Democratic Party and the fourth branch of government, the mainstream media, unite on an issue, the result is a powerful megaphone of misrepresentation. During the present fiscal cliff negotiations, the most egregious myth perpetrated by the Democratic media complex is that the public supports raising taxes on the successful.

Can God Save Egypt?
Thomas Friedman, New York Times
When you fly along the Mediterranean today, what do you see below? To the north, you look down at a European supranational state system "” the European Union "” that is cracking up. And to the south, you look down at an Arab nation state system that is cracking up. It's an unnerving combination, and it's all the more reason for the U.S. to get its economic house in order and be a rock of global stability, because, I fear, the situation on the Arab side of the Mediterranean is about to get worse. Egypt, the anchor of the whole Arab world, is…

Government Gone Bad
John Stossel, FOX Business
Politicians claim they make our lives better by passing laws. But laws rarely improve life. They go wrong. Unintended consequences are inevitable.Most voters don't pay enough attention to notice. They read headlines. They watch the Rose Garden signing ceremonies and hear the pundits declare that progress was made. Bipartisanship! Something got  done. We assume a problem was solved.Intuition tells us that government is in the problem-solving business, and so the more laws passed, the better off we are. The possibility that fewer laws could leave us better off is hard to grasp….

Senate Retirees Say Goodbye as New Class Says Hello
Erin McPike, RCP
By Erin McPike – December 13, 2012With the Obama administration and the House GOP locked in a battle over the fiscal cliff, the Senate has started saying goodbye to some of its retiring veterans while transitioning incoming members into their new roles.A handful of the upper chamber’s moderates officially depart early next month, including Maine’s Olympia Snowe, a Republican; Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman, an Independent-Democrat; and North Dakota’s Kent Conrad, a Democrat. In exit interviews and floor speeches, they have blasted the bitter partisanship…

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