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Beware Discover Card Ripoffs

Posted in H.L. News on June 15th, 2010 9:25 am by HL

If you use a Discover card, check your statement. I have a Discover card, but I never use it, so I was surprised to find a bill from them this morning. When I opened it there was a charge for $68.25 from something called The Funding Search.com

I immediately got on the phone with Discover who promised to open an investigation to the charge. Having had my suspicions raised I asked the lady on the phone if The Funding Search was related to Discover, and was assured it was not. When I got off the phone I looked up The Funding Search.com on line and it does not exist.

I called the number listed and there are two choices 1. Customer Service or 2. Terms and conditions. There is no way to talk to a human. I hit number 1 and got a message saying “To report an error to your discover card from us call them and start a dispute.

So basically what happened is that Discover is charging peoples card for something that doesn’t exist and hoping that you don’t notice and just pay them.

When I called back to yell at them, they denied it all. Said they never heard of The Funding Search, and had no idea how they got my credit card info. I immediately cancelled my Discover card, during which time I was warned by them that this would affect my credit score. I angrily informed them that my credit score was fine and I didn’t need any more from them.

I did some checking and found that Discover is running this scam in various formats. So check your Discover Bill. If you find a charge from The Funding Search.com (or anything else you never heard of) Call and dispute it then cancel your card from this rip-off company..

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