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Richard Pombo’s Comeback Bid Founders

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 10th, 2010 4:45 am by HL

Richard Pombo’s Comeback Bid Founders
The comeback hopes of ethically-challenged former congressman Richard Pombo were dashed Tuesday, with the anti-environmentalist from California coming in a disappointing third place in the GOP primary in the state’s 19th district.

Richard Pombo - California - Republican - United States - Jeff Denham

Judge Throws Out Wiretap, Keeps Charges In Renzi Case
An Arizona judge has thrown out all evidence resulting from a government wiretap in the corruption case of former Rep. Rick Renzi. The judge also declined to throw out the indictment in his decision on Friday, letting the charges stand.

Rick Renzi - Arizona - Indictment - Government - Political corruption

The Birther Court Martial: A Primer
The most dramatic Birther stand of the Obama era is set to begin in earnest Friday when the military kicks off a preliminary hearing in the court martial of Birther Army Doctor Terrence Lakin. The process is likely to last several months and may well end with Lt. Col. Lakin dismissed from the Army or even in jail, two military lawyers tell TPMmuckraker,

Court-martial - United States - Barack Obama - Military - President

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