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Jacob Reitan: Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell This Year

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on January 31st, 2010 5:45 am by HL

Jacob Reitan: Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell This Year
If the Pentagon’s timetable for repeal of DADT is truly “several years” long, then their timetable does not live up to what the President promised in the State of the Union Address.

David Brody: The New Star of Must See TV: President Obama
When President Obama appeared in front of hundreds of chomping-at-the-bit Republicans with the cameras rolling on live TV he not only made for Must See TV, he also provided the jolt that voters want to see.

American Action Network: Republican Leaders Forming New Political Group
At least half a dozen leaders of the Republican Party have joined forces to create a new political group with the goal of organizing grass-roots…

Tom Vander Ark: Competition, Civil Rights, and Change Theory
Civil rights advocates are split on the competitive nature of $10 billion in grant programs from the US Department of Education. Some, like Education Equality…

James Zogby: Putting Middle East Peace Back On the Agenda
As we mark one year into the Obama era, several realities have become painfully clear. â? There are limits to what a U.S. President is…

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