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Mark Kleiman: Reforming regulatory benefit-cost analysis

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 31st, 2009 4:45 am by HL

Mark Kleiman: Reforming regulatory benefit-cost analysis
At one level, all policy analysis starts with benefit-cost analysis: on what basis could one choose among option except their advantages (benefits) and their disadvantages…

Charles H. Green: Low Trust in Government Obama’s Fault? Not so Fast.
Charle’s M. Blow’s op-ed in Friday’s NY Times, Imbalance of Trust, suggests that voters trust government less under Democrats than under Republicans.   You may feel…

Vicky Ward: The Truth About Lockerbie May Now Never Come Out Thanks to Gordon Brown’s Thirst for Libyan Oil
Megrahi’s release and hero’s welcome in Libya, along with the leak of two letters from Britain’s foreign minister, have prompted calls for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to stop evading the issue.

Frank Dwyer: Political Haiku: Cheney Phones Olmert
Don’t complain, Ehud. Since November, George and I can’t get arrested….

Murray Fromson: Remembering Ted Kennedy
One of the lessons a political reporter learns early in life is never to underestimate greatness. Case in point: Ted Kennedy. I’m sure that none…

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