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If The Election Were Held Today

Posted in H.L. News on September 26th, 2008 10:47 am by HL

Obama 286—McCain 252 (270 Needed to Win)

electoral college map

After the debates Obama’s Numbers should go even higher. Don’t forget we need a big cushion to overcome the all the vote stealing the Republicans will do. Come on Barack, take off the gloves tonight and give that idiot and his pig the beating of their livesl

One Response to “If The Election Were Held Today”

  1. Gambit Says:

    Obama was so out of his element tonight, I actually felt embarrassed and sorry for him. How many times did we hear him say “you’re right John, you’re right.” Certainly the left and right coastal states will hold their ground in support of Barack but crazy to think that Florida, Ohio, and Iowa (among several others) will end up being blue states. Of course most of you liberals were out picketing somewhere or disrupting a republican gathering tonight vs. actually watching the debate. Have no worries though, the media will get you caught up and tell you what you think in tomorrow’s morning news!