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Desperate McCain Suspends Campaign. Punks David Lettermen

Posted in H.L. News, Videos on September 25th, 2008 6:08 am by HL

McCain is on the ropes, he’s going down, and he is desperate, so what does he do. Runs back to Washington becuase he is too chicken to debate Obama, he knows the carnage would be devastating for him. Not to mention what would happen to the pig with lipstick when Biden got through with her. He even punked out on Letterman. Dave wasn’t too happy, the show went on without the doddering old Keating 5 dude. Check out Dave.

One Response to “Desperate McCain Suspends Campaign. Punks David Lettermen”

  1. charlotte haynes Says:

    The little AMERICANS have left are pride in being 1. And few people have that. I can’t buy my grandchilren clothes, toys or food, without research. American children are hungry, cold, under educated. Taxes have been paid, and waist has been seen. And My Grandson has been tested with toxic lead in his system. My father faught 2 wars, I was poor hungry and cold but loved. WE have no security left as Americans, no pride, no unity, but all americans want that. Honesty, and integrety seems to be our biggest lose in america.