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Learn From “Experience”

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on May 31st, 2008 4:32 am by HL

Learn From “Experience”

MSNBC’s First Read observes:

CBN’s Brody has a sitdown with McCain senior adviser Charlie Black. Check out how many times Black utters the word “experience” in this one answer: “Senator Obama for all his magnetism and appeal is not very experienced and the experience he has had is that of a sort of a conventional, liberal politician. It’s hard to find incidents where he has taken political risks to work across party lines or get things done like Sen. McCain has, but it’s most important in the area of national security. We’ve been debating about a Iran and Iraq with him, and Sen. McCain truly believes that if he had more experience and especially if he went to Iraq and got experience meeting with the generals and the troops and seeing what’s going on in the ground maybe he would see we shouldn’t pull out of Iraq. But as we say, experience informs judgment and it’s hard to have good judgment on national security if you have no experience.”

Six times in about 30 seconds.

In 1960, Vice-President Nixon tried to beat Sen. Kennedy with the slogan “Experience Counts.”

In the first 1992 presidential debate, when President George H.W. Bush was asked about the “single-most important separating issue” in the race , he said “I think one thing that distinguishes is experience.”

And this year, Sen. Clinton tried to make experience an argument Sen. Obama.

They all lost.

Voters ultimately care more about where a candidate will take the country than the length of the candidate’s resume.

You’d think an experienced politician would learn from past experience. Apparently not.

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