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Bush Death Watch: Countdown!

Posted in H.L. News on November 19th, 2007 8:28 am by HL

It’s official: Less than one year until history slaps Dubya to the curb. Can you feel the tingle?
By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Friday, November 16, 2007

It’s just that kind of feeling, that sense of hesitant, embryonic optimism, the sense that says, oh my God, we as a culture and a smash-mouthed, war-hammered society really are fast approaching something possibly, potentially, heart-achingly new and different and — because it cannot get any worse — just a little bit better.

Here is my suggestion: Mark your calendars, set your watch, program a celebratory ringtone well in advance, because the countdown has officially begun.

13 Responses to “Bush Death Watch: Countdown!”

  1. axman Says:

    While no one will be happier than me if I live to see that glorious day, I find it hard to share the author’s jubilation. The stacked supreme court, and other chimp appointed judges, they aren’t going away. They’ll be around for years spreading their toxic sludge. Also it will literally take decades to clean up this infant leader’s mess and all of us will be footing the enormous bill. Only impeachment and imprisonment could make me jubilant.

  2. axman Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the most important thing; Iraq isn’t going to go away either when our infant king does , as the clueless dims refuse to take a principled stand and the populace yawns away.

  3. Russell Smith Says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve just discovered you. I will read your posts with glee!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    the hollywood liberal lives on, with his worthless blog, ignoring what really goes on. This guy is a piece of denial and he’s a pretentious ignoramus of truth. you can think he cares, but he doesn’t, he’s only about money. nothing more.

  5. (: Tom :) Says:

    Anonymous coward says:

    the hollywood liberal lives on, with his worthless blog, ignoring what really goes on. This guy is a piece of denial and he’s a pretnetious ignoramus of truth. you can think he cares, but he doesn’t, he’s only about money. nothing more.

    The anyonymous coward lives on, too, with his useless comments adding nothing to the discussion, ignoring what really goes on. This guy is a putsch fellating hypocriticial lying Republican’t traitor, and he’s scared and hiding in mommy’s basement now that his Republican’t propaganda has been shown to be complete and utter bs. You can think he cares (if you ignore that whole reality thing) but he’s only about the money (which he’s scared is going to go away now that Republican’ts are going to lose their power). nothing more.

  6. Bill Says:

    So everyone wants to bash Bush again and yet while you were all crying about getting out of Iraq he kept at it and while you we all complaining about bring our troops home and this war was about nothing but the oil, none of you could prove a thing that you were saying and now that most all the media is reporting that bagdad is safer than it has ever been you still try to bash Bush. Why is that because non of you are adult enough to admit that you were WRONG. Well you may be cheering about Bush leaving but I am cheering about the fact that the next Pres will be a Republican as well because there isn’t a single Democrat that can make up their mind which way they stand and the ones the make it look like they aren’t flip flopping don’t have a chance. So I guess you will have to deal with another Republican as the Pres. That will just kill everyone of you libs wont it. Well when your party officals show the world just what it is that they stand for and the country sees it what do you expect.
    You voted these idiots into office on the fact that they would get us out of Iraq and the exit polls all showed that that wasn’t the number 1 issue, Iraq was number 4 so there goes you chant about we voted you into office to get us out of Iraq. The number 1 issue was corruption and look what the dems are doing. Bush vetos a bill because the Dems dump 2000 earmarks in after everyone voted on it. They haven’t done a thing other than name state buildings set 41 bills to Bush on the war and only one passed. Gee if Iraq was the number one issue than why couldn’t the Dems get the votes to pass more than one bill. Guess it wasn’t the number one issue like you wanted it to be.
    All you libs talk about how stupid Bush is and yet it is the Democrats that have a LOWER rating than Bush. That makes the Democrats dumber than Bush because they can’t do their job better than Bush can and yet Bush is getting the job done. So if he was such an idiot than 1. How is he doing the job to begin with. 2 why does congress have a lower approval rating than Bush 3 why is it they can only get bills to name buildings and 1 bill for the war.
    HL you brag about your Dems and yet they are more corrupt than the Republicans ever were.
    The only problem is that now the country is seeing it and you are losing bad. So have your party that Bush os leaving but remember that in 08 the new Pres will also be a Republican:)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    There is no difference between Republican and Democrat. It’s all the same. Two parties both catering to the same handlers that feed them.

    Bill: You are very misinformed if you think you can blame Democrats for Republican policies the past 8 years. Nevertheless, your arguments are red herrings because you don’t have a clue as to the causes of our problems.

    Let me give you a clue: AIPAC, ADL and other like groups.

  8. Bill Says:

    So you want me to believe that the special interest groups are the reason that the government is the way it is now. So tell me just who is it that let it get that way. You voted for the people that were in just as I have and yet you say they are the same. So tell me which Republicans that are running for Pres are trying to get national health care, which doesn’t work and has proven not to work all over the world. Which Republicans are trying to get Illegals drivers licenses or give them amunity after the people said they didn’t want that.
    You can name a single Republican that wants to make this country social and yet I can give you a list of just about every Democrat that supports that kind of government. Now you want to say that both partys are the same. You have been drinking to much of HL and Don’s cool aid.
    As to the AIPAC, ADL, and other groups running the government that is another one of the libs conspiracy theories that I keep hearing and none of them can prove. Just like HL’s theory about we are in Iraq for the oil which he still hasn’t shown the proof of.
    As to the policies for the past 8 years being nothing but Republicans maybe you forgot that last year ya’ll voted the Dems as the majority so please tell me since the Dems are the majority and they wont pass crap of the republicans how is the last year been the republicans policies.
    Just as I thought another Lib who can’t get his facts straight.
    Well anonymous when you figure out that the Dems have been the ones that have been making policies for the last year and not the Repub’s than maybe just maybe you will figure out that it has been the Dems that have been killing this country for the last 50 years. And if you think I am misinformed than why don’t you look back over the last 50 years and see who it was that made people dependant on the government the most. You’ll find that most all the welfare programs were started by a DEMOCRAT not a Republican.
    Keep trying

  9. Ghost Walker Says:

    Anon– there is a lot of differance between the dems and repubs. and that is the at the dems want the people to reley on welfare programs so they can control them. the repubs simply don’t want that, they want the people to earn what they get get. the fact that both partys are corrupt – i can not argue that point. but i don’t believe the current addministration is as bad as people think

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I take it Elliott Abrams, Gary Bauer, William J. Bennett, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Eliot A. Cohen, Midge Decter, Paula Dobriansky, Steve Forbes, Aaron Friedberg, Francis Fukuyama. Frank Gaffney, Fred C. Ikle, Donald Kagan, Zalmay Khalilzad, I. Lewis Libby, Norman Podhoretz, Dan Quayle, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Henry S. Rowen, Donald Rumsfeld, Vin Weber, George Weigel, Paul Wolfowitz are sentimental “liberals” as they led the charge at the “Project for a New Century” and promoted the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran?

    Bill, it’s ok, I’ll drink my own “cool aid” and comment. I realize for you, “ignorance is bliss.”

    I could care less about bashing Bush, as he’s a foolish puppet. You have no sense of reality, do you know the meaning of REALPOLITIK? The PFANAC precisely drum rolled for an illegal invasion on Iraq and Afghanistan. And seven years later, the entire program is a failure for America; although it’s been successful for THEIR special interests.

    As for history, I think you have a myopic view of it. You don’t have a clue about, or at least you imply it, what has happened the past 100 years.

    As to either party, both are subservient to the same interest groups. Both parties cater to zionist policy at the expense of America.

    May I ask, who heads the Federal Reserve? Who runs major international banking? News outlets? Television? Publishing? Who cannot be criticized in our society without being attacked as being politically correct? It is an old maxim, those that cannot be criticized are the ones in power.

    “Conspiracy theories” is just plain slander and an attempt to marginalize an argument you can’t counter. Tell me, what does AIPAC promote? Is it a lobby group that puts American interests first? Is there a politician in Washington DC that refuses it’s pressure? Oh please, you must be reading the news and blogs. There’s plenty of proof out there that clearly shows what they do.

    The ADL does everything it can to promote censorship in the news, internet, and political gatherings because it promotes its own special interests. I’m certain you’ve heard of them, haven’t you? Anyone critical of Israel promotes “hate” according to their program. Do they promote free speech?

    I think you have it partly right when you say “Dems that have been killing this country for the last 50 years”. It’s true that the Democrats have been dominated by the left wing communists and infiltrated. Its policies have been communistic, and essentially a failure. But if you look at the left wing, who’s been leading it? You won’t find Mexicans or Blacks? You’ll find the same special interest group involved. These are historical facts that are self-evident.

    The Republicans are doing no better. Everything they do today is influenced by the same special interest groups that infected the Democrats. The only thing Republicans do is pretend that they can make a difference. Do they? Is our country any better today than 2000, when Bush stole the election with an illegal and unconstitutional US Supreme Court decision?

    As for welfare, are you talking about welfare for people or corporations? Is there a difference? Both come out of the taxpayers pockets. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for these programs of welfare.

    I think you make it rather simplistic to blame one party as being responsible. Both parties are. Those are the facts. Just take time to research it.

    Ghost Walker concedes both parties are corrupt. Then I don’t understand how you also say you “don’t believe the current addministration [sic] is as bad as people think”. If you agree its corrupt, how can you then say it’s not as bad as people think? I don’t understand your logic.

    This is why America needs a third party badly. A party that places America’s interests first. A party that will not give away its sovereignty to outsiders that will easily bail out of here when the crash comes down and the pressure is on.

    But if you folks are happy with your Republicans and Democrats, send them your paycheck. They’ll have no problems taking it and giving you more of what they’ve given you so far. You might even beg for an autographed photo of your favorites in exchange for your donation of $1000.

    If more people start questioning the corruption, putting pressure on Washington, and not voting for the Republican and Democrat candidates, maybe some change may happen. But as it is now in my opinion, “democracy” is an illusion that keeps everyone spinning their wheels thinking that a better future is near. So far, that future is an illusion.

  11. Ghost Walker Says:

    what i ment when i said that this administration is not as bad,and should ‘ve said, was that the sad thing to day is all we can hope for is the lessor of evils. this country has from the begining has been lieing to it’s people if you don’t believe it just look at how we lied to native americans irish,chinesse, etc as a country have never been able to keep our word. this country was founded on a double standard ie-all men are created equal—(that is if you are a white man). look at what we did to the japanes americans during world war two. and people think that the coruption only recently started i’ld have to say it started about 1776- in alot of ways i have never been pround of our goverment, but will stand behind OUR home land-is our future an illusion? i don’t think so

  12. Anonymous Says:

    All “we can hope for is the lessor of evils” is not acceptable and is a cop out accepting corruption in government (when you know it) and doing nothing. Government does lie to its people, hot it lied to Irish and Chinese you offer no factual history to support that statement. Does the US keeps it’s word? No, I think that is because the people that run this country have no word. Honor means nothing.

    Are all men created equal? No, not even between “white” men.

    What we did to Japanese and Germans in WWII is no different than what Germany did its enemies.

    If you care about your “homeland”, than believing a “two party” system is working is where you need to change. Don’t vote for incumbents anymore. Accept that the government is corrupt and nothing will change it until it’s dismantled.

  13. Ghost Walker Says:

    “What we did to Japanese and Germans in WWII is no different than what Germany did its enemies.”

    so what you are saying is that if the germans jumped off a clliff if would be ok for us to do the same. and here i thought we were better than that. please keep in mind that the japanese that were put in concentration camps were put there just because they were japanese and lived on the west coast if you don’t beleive it just take a look a executive order 9066 signed by FDR

    Chinese workers were prevented from immigrating to America by the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
    After China became an ally during World War II, the exclusion laws proved to be an embarrassment and were finally repealed by the Magnuson Act in 1943

    as for the irish they went to the goverment bout how they were being treated and the goverment said they will look into it but just shut the door in thier face. i went back to the new york times oct 29 1892 to dig this out.

    you wanted facts here you go
    yep i’ld have to say that we are angles wouldn’t you