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Everyone Tired of Lame Duck Bush.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 7th, 2007 8:04 am by HL

Base to Bush: It’s Over

Washington Post

Let’s say you’re a Republican president, a bit more than midway through your second term. You’re scrambling to salvage what you can of a deeply unpopular war, you’re facing a line of subpoenas from Democrats in Congress and your poll ratings are in the basement. What do you do?

You estrange the very Republicans whose backing you need the most.

That’s precisely what President Bush has managed to accomplish during the two big political developments of recent weeks: the commutation of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison sentence and the defeat of comprehensive immigration reform. But the president’s problems with the GOP base go beyond those awkward headlines.

“Bush fatigue has set in,” declares one plugged-in GOP activist.

“We’re ready for a new president,” says a former state Republican Party official in the South.

“There was affection,” opines a conservative strategist based well beyond the Beltway, “but now they’re in divorce court.”

HL’s Take
Its going to be a long next 18 months. Everyone wishes Bush were gone, but no one will do anything about it. So we have to sit back while the retarded monkey continues to sell the nation down the river, and while more soldiers get killed, more money is stolen, oil companies continue to rape us, Halliburton gets no bid contracts that another company can get for half the price, Dick Cheney’s stock options continue to go higher, more of our civil rights are taken away, etc. etc. etc.

3 Responses to “Everyone Tired of Lame Duck Bush.”

  1. LA Says:

    And 45% of the US public wants Bush impeached. Such a popular guy! Even his own party members are jumping off the ship like rats.

    For all of you Bush and war mongers, are you on the Pentagon payroll? Or AIPAC payroll? I constantly read about foreign governments trying to slant blog discussions to certain point of view. That is defending war policy that cannot be defended.

    Obviously, You don’t have one iota of patriotism because Bush has sold out the US people and you continue support his corrupt legacy. Is that supporting your country? If you are not comatose, it’s clear that his agenda focuses and favors the elite. That’s not to say that Dems are not following his footsteps closely.

    It’s so plain and simple, divide and conquer. The American public is divided into neat little camps, Dems and Repubs, while the oligarchs have taken over this country and foreigners run around the White House, CIA and State Department dictating policy.

    Wake up and don’t be so blind! It’s obviously in your face. Why don’t you start looking at the number of foreigners in our government and take a closer look at their loyalties?

  2. Evil Says:

    The Dems passed a bill that would set a deadline for getting out of Iraq. BUT, President Bush vetoed it. The Dems do NOT have enough of a majority to override a veto. So, the Dems can’t do anything.

    Bush is not a lame duck. Bush is a danger to society.

  3. sigw Says:

    lame duck in a bloody quackmire.