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While H.L. Surfed, Bush Commuted Libby.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on July 3rd, 2007 9:14 am by HL

I didn’t find out about Bush commuting Libby’s sentence until I got home last night at about 8 P.M.
It was such a beautiful Summer day here in Hollywood Yesterday that I decided it was time to put all else aside and try out my new surfboard that I had bought a couple of months ago. The wave report said that it would be OK out there, nothing special, but I could wait no longer. I packed up the car and headed to Ventura County Line which is about an hour drive. Well it was hot, sunny, and the waves were happening. It was a great day. I gotta get out to the beach more often.

HL Checks out The Surf at County Line Ventura

Southern California Surf

Of course you had to expect at least a commutation, if not a full pardon of Libby by Bush. Bush Sr. pardoned all the Iraq contra conspirators. That’s just they way the Bush’s do business. Go ahead break the law, the law we swore to uphold, if you get caught, we will get you off the hook. They have rubbed The American People’s noses in it once again. They have told us in no uncertain terms that they are above the law. We stole our way in here so we can break any law, start any war, and there is nothing you can do about it. So be a good American, shut the hell up, and pay your taxes so we can steal even more from you. No good job, tough luck. No health insurance, f**k off and die. We can do whatever we want, but if a democrat lies about getting a BJ, well then we will have to impeach him, even though you will never impeach us. As Yakov Smirnoff used to say, What a Country.

One Response to “While H.L. Surfed, Bush Commuted Libby.”

  1. HL conspiracy Says:

    Sounds an awful lot like the way the Clintons did business when old BJ left office as well. Now we have another Clinton possibly on the way in…….isn’t that wonderful for the USA??

    Wow…..those politicians…..always looking out for us right???