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Democratic Debates: The Winner is…Dennis Kucinich by a Mile

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 27th, 2007 6:34 am by HL

Hey, I gotta run off to work (again) they have been busting my balls lately about being online so much (trying to work on the sites) but before I go. I watched the debate last night and the winner was Dennis Kucinich, he made the rest of the candidates look lame up there. (Along with Mike Gravel who I had never heard of before) Here are some of Dennis best moments.

Democrats Have The Power To End The War Right Now

Who Here Supports Congressman Kucinich’s Plan to Impeach Dick Cheney

6 Responses to “Democratic Debates: The Winner is…Dennis Kucinich by a Mile”

  1. axman Says:

    Hey,H.L., you’re right Kucinich is the only candidate who is right and has been consistantly right. He’s correct now as he was in 2004 and 2000. Unfortunately we have the Media which loves to ignore him, or alternatively, marginalize him by making fun of him. They all jump on this bandwagon. Let us not forget in this 21st century world that elections are no longer about facts or ideas but about who can raise the most money. I for one will stay home on election day unless Kucinich is somehow on the ballot. I’ll not wast another vote on some Kerry-like candidate ever again. And the rest of the Demon field is pretty much stacked with Kerry-like candidates.

  2. Douglas Says:

    poor axman guess we don’t have to worry bout your vote

  3. Ghost Walker Says:

    Since you are not going to vote than you had better not bicth when you don’t like the way things are not going as you think they should just like a osterige stick your head in the sand and the problem will go way right???

  4. Buck Says:

    H.L. I am truely enjoying this.

    “My vision of national security ties together not only military but diplomatic, economic, and human rights polices, and views the use of military force as a last resort. Building the link between domestic and defense issues, I believe that this country is more secure when the largest possible number of its citizens have a stake in its success, when decent education, healthcare, and housing contribute to productive lives for everyone.”

    “The U.S. military is the strongest in the world, by far, and will remain so. We need to recognize the accomplishments of, and hardships experienced by, our men and women in uniform. My position on pay and benefits, for both active duty military and retired veterans, reflects this recognition. The Kucinich approach to national security is anti-militarist, not anti-military.”

    “National security must be defined in terms much broader than size of the defense budget, or number of carrier battle groups, fighter aircraft, or infantry divisions.” – Dennis Kucinich

    You know the guy.H.L. Is he saying that the best way to fight Al Qaida and the enemies of America is to put forth economic stimulus packages? What planet is his ass on? I could see it now. Iran snags some American sailors off the high seas and Kucinich gets tough and threatens Iran by the use of economics. Iran would have to hand over our troops or else. Or else Kucinich would propose a minimum wage bill to congress. Then its on. Iran would be in trouble then wouldent’ they?? And Kucinich’s BS about pay for the troops. Thats a load. He voted for the damn bill that gives them the money to go fight as long as they no longer fight. As long as we give Iran a surrender date of October in the fall sometime! Its a load of crap!

  5. Buck Says:

    On Good Friday 1978, Kucinich fired his police chief of only four months, Richard D. Hongisto on live local television. Capitalizing on the issue, his opponents began circulating petitions for his recall. Despite his consistent support for populism and the workingmen’s concerns, some felt that his bombastic nature and inability to compromise, as well as the youth and inexperience of some of his appointees, made him incapable of governing a struggling city.

    Initially, the drive began slowly. Then on April 10, Cleveland City Council voted to investigate a “midnight raid” by administration officials on the office of economic director Joseph Furber. Kucinich angrily called council “a group of lunatics” and “a bunch of buffoons.” He also stated that “it’s hard to believe that so many people can be so stupid,” and asserted that “if they’re not stupid then they are crooked, or maybe both.” This lead to council members joining the recall drive. Realizing his mistake, Kucinich offered an apology. However, on the same day, Bob Weissman assailed council and business leaders in a speech to the Harvard Business Club.

    In the summer of 1978, Kucinich set up special police patrols, in response to high crime in public housing projects. Police refused to obey the order. The administration then suspended thirteen officers and ultimately touched off a two-day police strike. It was another first in the city’s history

    These facts are interesting H.L. It looks like Kucinich plays hard ball. He master minds midnight raids on political opponent’s offices. He busts out into temper tantrums for the camaras. He likes to crack down on the brothers in the hood. Im sure african american voters will like this when it gets out into the open. Is he a nothing? He looks like he weighs about 95 pounds. If I can quote the “neat and clean” Barack Hussein Obama. “Im uninspired”!

  6. Bill Says:

    Buck what do you expect from a guy that only cares about himself. He doesn’t care about this country. He is another one like Clinton. Get what I can steal what I can from the white house and run. Come on the Clinton’s were so bad they stole flateware and things from the White House. Not to mention when his Admin. left they left the place like a frat house with the walls tagged and phones broke and on and on.