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Republicans to Arrest 3,000 (95% Illegally) at Minneapolis Convention.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 18th, 2007 8:58 am by HL

Convention plan includes preparing for 3,000 arrests

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Arrestees at NYC Convention in 2004. HL in There Somewhere
Guantanamo on the Hudson Aug. 31, 2004Excerpt:About $550,000 for a possible open-air, fenced detention facility to hold protesters next to the Ramsey County Workhouse; $1.7 million for overtime, and $62,000 for biohazard decontamination equipment….
These are among the items included in a $4.4 million budget proposal by Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, who was told by St. Paul police to plan for 3,000 arrests during the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

The idea of developing a plan for 3,000 arrests drew sharp criticism this week from the American Civil Liberties Union in Minnesota, which said it was far too high and represented an overreaction by authorities.
Also included in the projected expenses is $350,000 in riot equipment and Tasers to control protesters engaged in civil disobedience….

The county thinks St. Paul will agree to cover the costs through a $50 million appropriation expected from Congress to cover convention security.
Charles Samuelson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, said the Republican Convention in New York drew hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, far more than are predicted for St. Paul in 2008, yet New York had fewer arrests than St. Paul is planning for.

While it has not been decided, the Sheriff’s Office is considering transporting arrested protesters to a fenced field with tents and temporary cooling units next to the workhouse. He said he expected most protesters would be released in two to four hours.
“I hope it is a nice warm, dry day,” Samuelson said. “Otherwise, because of the lawsuits, this could be the most expensive thing they do, if it doesn’t work right.”
Told about the possible open-air detention facility, Mary Beaudoin, director of Women Against Military Madness, a local protest group, said, “It’s hideous, it’s terrifying. Are they going to have us wear orange jumpsuits and hoods, too? It sounds like Guantanamo Bay

HLs Take
Guantanamo Bay indeed. Last time it was Guantanamo on The Hudson. If you are planning to go to the convention to protest Bush, and the republicans be prepared to be arrested because you will. Arrested for excersizing your constitutional rights to peaceful protest. Not only that they are using your money to do it with. Congress is to appropriate $50 Million of your money to arrest you for doing what the constitution says you can do. Is this a great country or what. Longtime readers of this site know that I went through the same BS in New York in ’04. They are going to try to use the lessons of NYC to prevent as many lawsuits as possible, but if it don’t work out the Republican National Committee will bail them out. Its worth all the money to them not to have their facisim exposed more then it already is.

5 Responses to “Republicans to Arrest 3,000 (95% Illegally) at Minneapolis Convention.”

  1. Bill Says:

    And you never did a thing that was illegal HL while you were protesting in N.Y. Right that is what every protester says and yet they still get arrested. You many have been just peacefully protesting but when the small group that gets out of hand forces the police to require the whole thing to diband and no one does than it becomes a problem and the next step is to arrest. You should know better than anyone about things getting out of hand with the riots in LA. What was the cause of that. People didn’t like a verdict and it got out of hand. So why would the police want to let something get out of control when they can end it and prevent the whole problem. It may be a peacefull protest but I will bet that it wont stay that way because of some hot head that will push it to far and then the whole group will pay. And if you don’t believe that than you are living in a dream world. All you have to do is look at every protest, march, or any other gathering of mass groups and you will find that more times than not it gets ugly.
    And you wnat to condem to police for planning ahead just to cover their ass. Tell me HL just how many times has the NYPD had this same problem. The mass arrests last summer were by no means an exceptional occurrence in connection with mass protest in New York City. In the past 10 to 15 years, there has been a major shift in police strategy. While mouthing phrases about guarding the right to protest peacefully, the authorities have steadily worked to make it difficult and sometimes virtually impossible. So it looks like it is a NYPD problem and not a Minneapolis problem, they are just trying to be prepared incase it does go that far.
    But as normal you are trying to read something into this that isn’t there.

  2. HL Says:

    Not only was I not doing anything illegal, (along with the 226 other people that were arrested.) We actually obeyed the cops orders and did what they told us to do. Then they arrested us anyway.
    Read the story if you don’t beleive me. My mass arrest at the World Trade Center on August 31, 2004 has been documented in every newspaper in New York and pretty much everywhere else. One the National Lawyers Guild got ahold of the case. All 227 of us had our cases summarily dropped by the DA. The lawsuits are still making there way through the system and eventually I will be collecting some money from the city of NY, possibly up to $5000

    Did you read the part where I said 95% of the arrests will be illegal. Thats not my estimate, its from the cops right out of the Minneapolis. 95% of the arrests were, and will be illegal. But the republican national committee does not care, they would rather deal with that later then to look like massive amounts of people are protesting them. Like the half million that showed up in NY on the day before the convention started.

  3. Bill Says:

    Well HL since there was a total of 1800 people arrested and as of 19 April 2005 1700 cases had already resulted in acquittals or the dismissal of charges. And that left 100 people to still deal with. Out of the 1700 that had been dropped in 05 153 weren’t dropped. As for your claim about getting up to $5000. for the city I find that hard to believe since they have already settled a large portion of it and all they got was $150.00 for the trouble. The rest went to the National Lawyers Guild. Oh and that is from one of your media reports.

  4. Bill Says:

    HL why did you leave these parts out?Fletcher said the budget includes $3.9 million for protester-related costs, including $3 million for prisoner processing and detention and $900,000 for training personnel and controlling civil disobedience.

    “We asked [the Sheriff’s Office] to be prepared for roughly 3,000 arrests,” St. Paul police Cmdr. Joe Neuberger said. That estimate was also used for the GOP convention in New York and for the Democratic convention in Boston in 2004, he said. “In law enforcement, it’s much easier to scale back than it is to ramp up.”

    From what your article says they did the same thing for the Democratic convention in Boston in 04. Funny how you didn’t hear anything about the Republicans raising hell at the DNC convention but they were raising hell at the RNC and got arrested.
    As to your 95% just were is it that it says that in your article because I read the whole article and that number is no were in the article. So you are once again making things up.

  5. Douglas Says:

    Bill- that 95% is the how short he is from a full happy meal