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Soldiers Getting Edgy in Iraq

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on January 26th, 2007 9:40 am by HL

Iraqi Soldier ‘Shoots’ Reporter: The Joke’s on U.S.

Editor & Publisher

“In this surreal setting, about 20 American soldiers were forced at one point to pull themselves one by one up a canted tin roof by a dangling rubber hose and then shimmy along a ledge to another hut. The soldiers were stunned when a small child suddenly walked out of a darkened doorway and an old man started wheezing and crying somewhere inside.

“Ultimately the group made it back to the high rises and escaped the sniper in the alley by throwing out the smoke bombs and sprinting to safety. Even though two Iraqis were struck by gunfire, many of the rest could not stop shouting and guffawing with amusement as they ran through the smoke.

“One Iraqi soldier in the alley pointed his rifle at an American reporter and pulled the trigger. There was only a click: the weapon had no ammunition. The soldier laughed at his joke.”…..

“In a miniature version of the troop increase that the United States hopes will secure the city, American soldiers and armored vehicles raced onto Haifa Street before dawn to dislodge Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias who have been battling for a stretch of ragged slums and mostly abandoned high rises. But as the sun rose, many of the Iraqi Army units who were supposed to do the actual searches of the buildings did not arrive on time, forcing the Americans to start the job on their own.

“When the Iraqi units finally did show up, it was with the air of a class outing, cheering and laughing as the Americans blew locks off doors with shotguns. As the morning wore on and the troops came under fire from all directions, another apparent flaw in this strategy became clear as empty apartments became lairs for gunmen who flitted from window to window and killed at least one American soldier, with a shot to the head.”

And another:

“Many of the Iraqi units that showed up late never seemed to take the task seriously, searching haphazardly, breaking dishes and rifling through personal CD collections in the apartments. Eventually the Americans realized that the Iraqis were searching no more than half of the apartments; at one point the Iraqis completely disappeared, leaving the American unit working with them flabbergasted.

“’Where did they go?’ yelled Sgt. Jeri A. Gillett. Another soldier suggested, ‘I say we just let them go and we do this ourselves.’”

H.L.s Take:
After almost 4 years and several tours in Iraq, peoples brains get twisted, After seeing so much murder, death, and violence, pointing an unloaded gun at a reporter and pulling the trigger might seem like a funny joke. Too bad this guy had to be get himself so screwed up because the monkey, and his keeper Dick, refuse to listen to anyone, and MUST continue to rake in the cash while everyone else pays, and suffers.
So the Iraqi soldiers are not showing up for work, and not taking the job seriously, well how would you feel if some foriegn army attacked the US then wanted you to help them go in and kill your fellow countrymen. You probably wouldn’t be too into it either.

3 Responses to “Soldiers Getting Edgy in Iraq”

  1. Outlaw Says:

    Well HL once again you try to put a spin on something that you can’t even get right. If you would have read the first article better than you would have noticed that it was an Iraqi solider that pointed the gun at the reporter not an American solider so there goes your to many tours in Iraq screwing up soliders minds.
    Since it was a Iraqi solider that did it I guess that means he has been in his own country to long and seen to much murder, death, and violence and has snapped. Well than I guess its a good thing that we got Saddam out of there than and saved him from having to deal with more of it.
    As for how Americans would feel if another country attacked us and wanted us to help them kill fellow countrymen I would say that if the country was in the same boat as Iraq than you would probibly get alot of people to help since most of the people that are helping the US wanted and are happy the Saddam is gone. They now have things that they were never allowed to have before. So instead of trying to put your normal spin on things like this why don’t you just tell the truth. Better yet why don’t you start looking for the truth rather than being another lap dog for the Democrats and repeating what they are saying word for word.
    You keep harping about facts and showing the proof of what people post well I am still waiting for the proof that the US is there for the oil and I want to see the proof that the Iraqi people don’t want the US there to help them and are mad that we took Saddam out for them. Show me the proof of that HL. Because until you can back what you are saying with fact you are just another spinner.

  2. Outlaw Says:

    Oh another thing HL if it is so bad in Iraq for us than could you tell me why it is that you Libs are raising hell about the number of troop deaths being just over 3000 in how many years? and we kill more people in car accidents, abortions, and shootings in one year by themselves and yet no one complains about that.
    One more thing you should read this its about what the Iraqi people think of the US. I’ll tell ya now that you aint going to like it because it doesn’t make the US look bad.

  3. HL Says:

    If you read my comment buzz you will see that I never said it was an american soldier. That is just you once again trying to put words in my mouth that I never said. And don’t give me that bullshit that it is a good thing that we got saddam out of there. Things were far better in iraq under Saddam than they ever were under bush. So buzz let me ask you, how much do you get paid to come on here and try to shoot down every thing I write with your lies. How many other sites do they pay you to go lie on as well?