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Archive for January 31st, 2007

Pay ‘Em What They’re Worth

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on January 31st, 2007 2:36 pm by HL

News Items:
Bush Speaks on Wall St.: Link exec salaries to performance


This is an 11 Part Comic

President Bush speaks on Wall St.

See The Rest of The Comic Here

Media Again Gets Story Wrong About Killing of 263 “Insurgents” in Iraq

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on January 31st, 2007 10:49 am by HL

US ‘victory’ against cult leader was ‘massacre’

The Independent U.K.
There are growing suspicions in Iraq that the official story of the battle outside Najaf between a messianic Iraqi cult and the Iraqi security forces supported by the US, in which 263 people were killed and 210 wounded, is a fabrication. The heavy casualties may be evidence of an unpremeditated massacre.

A picture is beginning to emerge of a clash between an Iraqi Shia tribe on a pilgrimage to Najaf and an Iraqi army checkpoint that led the US to intervene with devastating effect. The involvement of Ahmed al-Hassani (also known as Abu Kamar), who believed himself to be the coming Mahdi, or Messiah, appears to have been accidental…

The cult denied it was involved in the fighting, saying it was a peaceful movement. The incident reportedly began when a procession of 200 pilgrims was on its way, on foot, to celebrate Ashura in Najaf. They came from the Hawatim tribe, which lives between Najaf and Diwaniyah to the south, and arrived in the Zarga area, one mile from Najaf at about 6am on Sunday. Heading the procession was the chief of the tribe, Hajj Sa’ad Sa’ad Nayif al-Hatemi, and his wife driving in their 1982 Super Toyota sedan because they could not walk. When they reached an Iraqi army checkpoint it opened fire, killing Mr Hatemi, his wife and his driver, Jabar Ridha al-Hatemi. The tribe, fully armed because they were travelling at night, then assaulted the checkpoint to avenge their fallen chief.

Members of another tribe called Khaza’il living in Zarga tried to stop the fighting but they themselves came under fire. Meanwhile, the soldiers and police at the checkpoint called up their commanders saying they were under attack from al-Qai’da with advanced weapons. Reinforcements poured into the area and surrounded the Hawatim tribe in the nearby orchards. The tribesmen tried – in vain – to get their attackers to cease fire.

American helicopters then arrived and dropped leaflets saying: “To the terrorists, surrender before we bomb the area.” The tribesmen went on firing and a US helicopter was hit and crashed killing two crewmen. The tribesmen say they do not know if they hit it or if it was brought down by friendly fire. The US aircraft launched an intense aerial bombardment in which 120 tribesmen and local residents were killed by 4am on Monday.

Najaf battle sign of Iraq’s chaos and clash of loyalties

Truth is perhaps the main victim of Iraqi atrocities which exacerbated following the U.S.-led invasion itself based on lies and allegations.
And as the dust settles over the battle of Najaf last Sunday, it emerges that the official story had no grain of truth.
Iraqi officials said 263 members of a little known group they identified as the Soldiers of Heaven were killed. They and U.S. officials who sent in helicopter gun ships and tanks to back Iraqi forces were pleased of their ‘victory’.
But who were those Soldiers from Heaven? And how could both Iraqi and U.S. officials persuade U.S. troops to market a story wholly based on lies?
The ‘victory’ was short-lived and its impact has already backfired and it could not have come at a worse time for the United States as it is on the verge of launching a new military offensive to retake Baghdad.
Now it appears that Iraqi troops had attacked a huge procession by Shiite tribesmen on their way to take part in the Ashura ceremonies.

H.L.s Take
Of course the press pumped this up as another great victory in the war on Terror, when it looked like it was just another few hundred deaths chalked up to the murder monkey.

Neocons to Bush: “Lets Do it Again”

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on January 31st, 2007 10:48 am by HL

The neocons have learned nothing from five years of catastrophe

Guardian U.K.
Their zealous advocacy of the invasion of Iraq may have been a disaster, but now they want to do it all over again – in Iran

The United States today spends approximately as much as the rest of the world combined on its military establishment. So it is worth pondering why it is that, after nearly four years of effort, the loss of thousands of American lives, and an outlay of perhaps half-a-trillion dollars, the US has not succeeded in pacifying a small country of some 24 million people, much less in leading it to anything that looks remotely like a successful democracy…

A final lesson that should have been drawn from the Iraq war is that the current US government has demonstrated great incompetence in its day-to-day management of policy. One of the striking things about the performance of the Bush administration is how poorly it has followed through in accomplishing the ambitious objectives it set for itself. In Iraq, the administration has acted like a patient with attention-deficit disorder.

H.L.s Take
Another good question is: Why is it taking longer to win in Iraq then it did to defeat Hitler, and Japan in WW2, of course we already know the answer.

Mc Cain Losing Popularity Fast

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on January 31st, 2007 10:17 am by HL

McCain’s troubles

Daily Kos
It seems that being the prime architect and cheerleader of the Iraq War escalation, in addition to all his latest panderings to the Right, aren’t doing his approval ratings any favors.

McCain is now viewed favorably by just 52% of American voters. That’s down from 56% earlier this month and from 59% in December. His vocal advocacy of increased troop strength in Iraq may be having a negative impact on his popularity. Just one-third of voters (34%) share McCain’s view while 56% want to go in the opposite direction and reduce the number of troops in Iraq. However, 94% think the troops will still be fighting in Iraq when the next President takes office.

McCain Loses Ground: Trails Obama, Edwards

Rasmussen Reports

Senator John McCain (R), one of the most vocal advocates of sending more troops to Iraq, has lost ground in the Election 2008 sweepstakes. He now trails both John Edwards (D) and Barack Obama (D) in general election match-ups. Prior to this survey, McCain had been ahead of every Democratic challenger in every Rasmussen Reports poll (see summary of general election match-ups).

H.L.s Take:
Of course the real question is how will Mc Cain do against Hilary, because everyone knows that she will be the nominee. (I personally am not 100% certain of that but it sure looks like a good possibility.) That is if Mc Cain will even get the Republican nomination which I don’t think he will, by the time of the primaries the Reps. are going to want to distance themselves as far from Iraq as possible, and Mc Cain is Bush’s man in congress for the troop increase. Maybe a better idea for the reps: The Guiliani/Kerik ticket.