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July 29, 2005

Good Morning. We had a party here in Hollywood last night. It was for the opening of a new movie, at Graumans Chinese Theatre. H.L. Lives right behind the theatre, and last night Willie Nelson was playing at the party. I live on an 8th Floor Balcony that faces toward the stage they had set up in the parking lot. So I got out the camera and taped the whole show. Which means its time for the long awaited return of
Now normally I am not a country music fan, but you gotta love Willie. So check it out, pretty slick production by H.L. himself. My vantage point was from behind the stage, but Willie turns towards the camera frequently, and theres lots of good closeups. The camera work gets better as it goes along. The 2 songs on part 3, were the only ones that I already knew, so they must be his biggest hits.

56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 1
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 2
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 3
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 4
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