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Home » Archives » July 2005 » Who Bombed the London Transit System?

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07/07/2005: "Who Bombed the London Transit System?"

Who Bombed the London Transit System?
by H.L.

Was it? Arabs pissed off at Tony Blair for all the death and destruction he is responsible for in Iraq.?

Was it? A distraction so the news does not have to report the Karl Rove story. (You know he is going to get away with it)?

Was it? The Neocons, so now they have an excuse to invade Iran.?

Was it? A way for Bush to pull his ratings back up. (Just like 9/11)?

Was it? Israel who was very much behind Iraq, and now Iran?

No matter who it was, it makes Bush and Blair look like incompetent idiots. After this happened in Spain, the Spanish
threw the NWO leaders right the hell out of office. Of course that would never happen here, but In England where
people are not a bunch of brain washed sheep, they are going to want accountability. This could be the end for Tony Blair

Replies: 3 Comments

on Friday, July 8th, sid said

Your an a**hole...thats all i can say. You root for the enemy because of your hatred for bush but if we lose , you lose as this age of mis-information you are making tings worse. You raise questions which is fine but when less educated people actually believe them like people in teh middle east all you do is make things worse. You are a real patriot

on Friday, July 8th, HL said

Hey Sid,
Who's The a**hole? In what line of the above text am I rooting for the enemy?? And you still don't realize that Bush is the enemy of the entire world except for 30% of the brain dead sheep (like you) here in America.

on Thursday, July 28th, crusader bunnypants said

You are a real patriot :rolleyes:

If we really still lived in a democracy the entire U.S. Government, Republicans and Democrats, would be swinging from the lamp posts. The newswhores would be tarred and feathered. Its over though, the American idiots will never rise up from the tyranny.

Death to America indeed! :angry:

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