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July 23, 2005
Today is the Day...Its
HLs One Year Anniversary.

One year ago today

Its been a whole year already. Sometimes it seems like 20. So much has happened.

Here is the first episode ever (Actually its the first weeks worth with day number one on top. Back then I used to archive the site a week at a time because the pages were so small.)of the Hollywood Liberal. The site has changed a little since then.

The First Episode

A few weeks later I made a trip to my home town of New York City, for The Republican Convention. Where I got arrested, On August 31 in the now infamous WTC Arrests. In which 230 people were surrounded by an Orange snow fence held up by swarms of cops and taken away, just for stepping off the sidewalk, which the cops told us to do, in an NYPD setup. On October 7, I got the news that my charges had been dropped, along with all 226 other people arrested at the World Trade Center. It became official when I recieved this letter from Martin Stolar, the President of the New York Chapter of The National Lawyers Guild, who took the cases of all 227 of us for free. We had a good time on Halloween posting the Gallery of Freaks, Monsters, and Weirdo's.

Then came that Horrible day, when we found out that John Kerry helped Bush steal his second straight election.

On Thanksgiving Day We Aired the First episode of HLTV Which featured an interview with Alex Ryabov USMC from Iraq Veterans Against The War. I had interview him right before I got arrested, but the cops seized my camera and would not give it back until my case was settled. I have produced other episodes of HLTV but it the network has been dormant for a while, I need to get it up and running again. On December 30, I started the Image Archive, in which people can see all the pictures and graphics that we have posted, both by me, and other stuff from the net. It turned out to be one of the most popular pages on the site. After it while it got so big I had to break it up and start a second image archive page. Image archive 2005. Another breakthrough came on January 3, 2005 When I figured out how to use Microsoft paint to make Cartoon balloons on pictures thus was born HLs Comics. The Very first one was called Its All His Fault, Actually I didn't name them back then, but thats the name now. The comics got better and longer and eventually I had to start a second comics page More HLs Comics. The Site has recently become more about the comics then anything else. Thats because you can read the News at Millions of sites. But we tell it to you in pictures. You can see all the comics in an easy link page called HLs Comic Feature Page.

The Site has grown a lot both in size, and viewers. So far we have had well over 1 million hits with the vast majority coming in the last 4 months. We will continue to grow. I have spent over 1000 Hours working on this thing over the year. (Learning this stuff ain't easy let me tell you) During that time I have scraped by on part time freelance jobs for the most part. I would like to make the site bigger and better then ever in the next year with more stories, links, articles that I write, pictures, videos, and comics. Unfortunately the time is rapidly approaching where I will be forced to start working full time permanent shifts again which will not help the site output. If you are able please give me hand with a small donation. It will be greatly appreciated, and I don't like to ask but I have too. If you are able see the Donations page, and do what you can.
In the next 12 months my goal is to make this one of the biggest liberal websites out there, that will take a lot of work, which I am willing to put in, and money. Thanks for your support


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