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The Ohio Elections Have Already Been Stolen, Can We Get Them Back?

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 20th, 2006 11:41 am by HL

They are still stealing the vote in Ohio.

Ohio Lawsuit to Reinstate hundreds of thousands of Purged Democratic Voters to be Filed Fri or Monday

Op-Ed News
Ohio voting rights activist and attorney, Bob Fitrakis, says the Ohio elections may have already been won, responding to reports of massive voter purges in Democratic precincts.

Dr. Fitrakis, told OpEdNews, “Essentially, by purging these rolls, the Republicans, by shrinking the electorate, have already won in Ohio. If they can’t win, which is what the polls show among registered voters, the way to win is to use their nuclear option– to target black voters, young voters and the working poor– by purging them so they can’t vote.

Reports indicate that starting as early as shortly after the 2004 presidential elections, but particularly recently, hundreds of thousands of voters– mostly urban apartment dwellers (likely black) and students– who are primarily Democratic– were sent notifications that they would be purged from the eligible voter lists if they did not respond the letter. But, reportedly, the letter was designed to be easily overlooked, perhaps treated as junk mail. Failure to send in a response caused the voter to be removed from the voting roll.

H.L.s Take:
Too bad the democrats don’t want to be bothered with somehting as trivial and meaningless as having elections stolen from them (again)

12 Responses to “The Ohio Elections Have Already Been Stolen, Can We Get Them Back?”

  1. Poppy Says:

    I came to post some local good news –and then this story makes me ill. I’ve been posting all day so I didn’t see it, thanks for putting it up. I’ve been blogging about this since January. –Telling people to watch for this kind of election garbage; to form groups to demand removal of electronic “vote machines” and to vote by absentee ballot. These people are SO sick. This won’t be the end of it.

    They stole 2004 with ex and retired agents, who told Ohio poll workers they had to get out for a red threat alert, then “counted” the votes for the workers. No newspapers reported any threat warnings or alerts. Cenus & GAO filed reports: the Occupant “won” by more votes in New Mexico than there were registered voters. Oops. –If they win this election: THAT alone will be suspicious. Why don’t they just take the money they stole and go buy some spinach –or go golfing –in Iraq –North Korea or Iran –take McCain and pretty boy Baynor with them.

    My news: a new Farmer’s Market, in Echo Park –today. Also: a new Culinary Historians event
    – I posted details –

  2. Gone truckin Says:

    No one would have a problem if it was in favor of the Democrats. They’d say there was nothing wrong it was fair.

  3. Buck Says:

    That is interesting. I wonder what party the ‘likely black’ voters prefer? Hey, we cant discriminate! What about the ‘likely white’ voters of Texas? Dont forget the ‘likely cuban’ voters of south Florida. Dont forget the ‘likely gay’ vote of San Fran Sisco!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Bill Says:

    I just want to know how the Rep’s have stolen an election from the Dem’s that they haven’t had yet. What’s sad is the Dem’s are doing it again HL having the party for winning before the vote has ever been taken. Didn’t they do the same thing last time. I thought so. Nice to see that the Dem’s are consistant.

  5. Budd Says:

    How they could have possibly stolen an election that hasn’t happened yet remains to be seen, but by taking eligible voters off the voter rolls as they did in Florida in 2000, is a damn good way to do it. Just seems so coincidental that Republcans never seem to have this problem. This time around though, the margin of disgust against the GOP might trump all. Then it will be interesting to see how they react.

  6. Buck Says:

    The cut-and-runacrats are bad news!

  7. Bill Says:

    Well if you want to quote polls than you have to add the Democrats in there when they say the the American people are NOT HAPPY WITH THE SENATE. Last I knew the senate was both Dem’s and Rep’s. so I guess that means that the American people aren’t happy with the Democrats to. Now how do you Lib’s tend to B.S. your way out of this one.

  8. Bill Says:

    Oh yeah and they aren’t happy with the way the Foley thing is being handled by the “House”

  9. zorro Says:

    What’s the blathering about?! GOP stole the election in Florida, Ohio and now they want to repeat themselves all over again. Why all the surprised faces? The only people who are afraid of voting have been the repugnicans. They are the only one’s who use taxpayer dollars to prevent rightful citizens from voting. They have a long track record of this. This isn’t even including the redistricting of the entire United States in favor of Republicans. The GOP is nothing but a bunch of crooks that steal from the taxpayers and make sure there’s no recourse in case they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Any responses against the topic above is just smoke and mirrors and white trash spin.

  10. Bill Says:

    Hey zorro maybe you can tell me who is trying to redistric New York, Ohio, Washington State, California, right now. Try a Democrat. And those are the first one that come up on google. So who’s doing the redistricing to get what they want. So the Democrats aren’t any different than the Rep’s.

  11. LA Says:

    Bill, and Repubs didn’t do it in Texas? Or California? Stop being a f**king hypocrite. I’m not defending Dems, but you can’t get away with your big lies.

  12. Bill Says:

    LA you better look at who is trying to redistric the states I listed right now. They are all Dem’s and they are trying to do it so they can get more seats. So were are the lies in that.