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Video: Keith Olbermann on The Loss of Habeus Corpus (Watch This)

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 20th, 2006 11:36 am by HL

Here is Keith Olbermann, with a special message about the loss of Habeus Corpus, in The United States of America.

13 Responses to “Video: Keith Olbermann on The Loss of Habeus Corpus (Watch This)”

  1. Bill Says:

    HL before you start crying about rights that you have lost because of this habeus corpus bill you better read this.
    Congress hasn’t given Bush an illegal bill at all. Every thing in it is LEGAL. Sorry for you bad luck. Guess it wont be shot down by the Supreme Court.

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    That article you link to just just says it’s arguably constitutional. Which to me means that it’s arguably not. But since the Supreme Court has been stacked in against civil rights and for executive power, you’re probably correct that it won’t be shot down.

  3. Budd Says:

    Like the Alien and Sedition Act, and the interring of Japanese Prisoners at Manzanar. This will eventually be revoked by a more intelligent congress because it is just wrong, and not what The U.S. Constitution intended.

  4. Bogus Says:

    I like what Keith said at the end, about Bush being subject, just like the rest of us, after he leaves office. If the law remains, when he steps down as president, maybe the next president can get the truth out of him.

    re Bill: as far as I understand, and I may be wrong, Supreme court shot this down a few months ago. Today, it is law and I am sure it will be contested at some point. I sure hope they overturn it. Just because Congress gave the OK and Bushy signed it, doesn’t mean it is constitutional.

  5. Bill Says:

    Well Bogus if you had read that article than you would know that what he was talking about in it was what Bush just signed. And I do recall that he said in there that it does NOT violate the Constitution at all what it violates is the ” unwritten constitution” which doesn’t mean anything. The unwritten constitution is like a gentlemens agreement which really doesn’t mean anything.

  6. HL Says:

    Of course not there are no gentlemen in the republican party, just a bunch of lying child molestors and whores.

  7. Bill Says:

    HL the Dem’s are just as bad so don’t even try that Dem’s are better for the country than Rep’s crap. Your party can’t and wont ever be able to live Clinton down. He has done far worse than any Rep has. And calling Foley a child molester just shows how much you don’t know what your talking about and that you have no idea what the true meaning of child molester is. Stands to reason why that’s why you don’t hear any of the news medias calling him one.

  8. Bruce Says:

    Keith has made an eloquent statement of the unConstitutional character of S3930, and it was appealed as unConstitutional even before it was signed (by the Center for Constitutional Rights). I don’t know Bill’s credentials to make the character-debilitating statements he does, but I do know the Constitutional scholarship of the CCR. So, Montanans for Impeachment, which has prepared a state-level resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney on this, as well as three other grounds, will have faith that S3930 will not protect Bush and Cheney ultimately, but may in fact provide us other defendants. Thank you for your attention. BR

  9. HL Says:

    Hey Bruce,
    Thanks for the info. The center of Constitiutional rights should know what is Constitutional, and what is not. How perfect would it be if Bush and Cheney get screwed by the laws they changed.
    As for Bills credentials to make the character-debilitating statements he does, he has none. It just makes him feel good about his pathetic life in which he sits in his house all day long, posting garbage to this site.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The Common Law principle of Habeus Corpus (that the police powers of government must remain answerable to specifically- defined process of Truth and Accountability — and that individuals can not be arrested or incarcerated, or tried in court without charges, evidence, & due-process) is the lynch-pin of all political and physical freedom.

    Alter or debase this principle, and you ‘qualify’ your ability to (lawfully) object to any other action government may take, whatsoever….

    Only in cases of anarchic civil war or sustained mass-invasion by foreign troops can it even become legitimate to suggest a need for tampering with Haebus Corpus.

    Neither of these cases obtain in America today. Instead, an ignorant president and corrupt congress, forstering hysteria for political gain — and already shown to be dishonest & incompetent in defending the nation — now demand to pull the lynch-pin out of freedeom’s machinery in the name of protecting freedom.

    Commonn sense and history should tell us to beware, here.

  11. Bill Says:

    According to the CCR they have been waiting for a decision on the initial appeal since Sept 8, 2005. If it was just like you say and there was no question to wether it was legal or not than why are they still waiting for a decision. Next the CCR from their own web site says” In this first challenge to the MCA, we demand that the Administration uphold the Constitution which has, and should continue to be, the pillary of living in a democratic society.” By that once again the Lib’s want to give people who are not US citizens the same rights that we have. From everything that I read on the CCR’s web site there is no where in there that they say it is Constitiutional. They say that it is a violation of the Geneva Convention. So tell me how again the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution are the same.
    Oh, and HL I’m not the one sitting on my butt at home all day I have a job.

  12. LA Says:

    Thank you anonymous. You educated people on this blog that don’t have a clue what the 4th Amendment means. How would they know what Habeas Corpus means?

    If I was a dictator, I’d do exactly what Bush and company are doing. Try dismantling every age old legal principle that defends the human mind, spirit and body from oppression.

  13. Buck Says:

    If you were a dictator you would be begging China to prop up support for your fledgling communist country like the orther assholes already do! You would be going to commie summits, calling Bush a Devil, plotting against America, hanging out with Alqaida, executing civilians, rapeing, trying to build nukes, starving your civilans to feed your army, executing Israeli atheletes, calling for nations to be wiped off the map, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. You know, the things that modern dictators do! They do what they do and thats just what they do. You really DO want to be dictator dont you? You have racked up enough brownie points by smack talking about America that you are a prime candidate. You would love to tell me I could NOT have an assault rifle wouldnt you? Amoung orther things! Am I right! How bout it LA?