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November 22, 2004.

H.L. Goes Interactive

Whats up eveyone. Well I have been playing with this new interactive blog thing all weekend, and I think I have enough of a handle on it to give it a try. I have posted a couple of stories. If you click on the link below the story, you can read the entire story, and leave your comments on the bottom. Just one more way that we here at H.L. (that means me) are striving to bring you the best website possible. Stay tuned for more advancements in website technology, meantime check out the blog. H.L.

Looks like the Vote riggers in The Ukrainian are taking lessons from the Republicans.

Opposition Disputes Ukrainian Election

By ANNA MELNICHUK, Associated Press Writer
KIEV, Ukraine - Fight the power Official results showed the prime minister winning Ukraine's bitterly fought presidential runoff, but his opponent declared fraud and called supporters into the streets Monday after observers said the vote did not meet international standards. More than 10,000 opposition supporters gathered in Kiev's main Independence Square, where candidate Viktor Yushchenko urged his backers to demonstrate against alleged vote rigging. "We will not leave this place until we win," Yushchenko, wearing a scarf in his campaign color, orange, told the crowd. "The people's will cannot be broken. People's votes cannot be stolen." Exit polls showed Yushchenko, a pro-Western reformer, winning Sunday's vote, while official results gave victory to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych � raising tensions in a battle for the presidency that many from the start have feared could lead to violence.

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History News Network

Just Wait ... The Republicans Will Do Themselves in

By P.M. Carpenter Mr. Carpenter is a writer and historian

Democrats are somewhat needlessly wringing their hands over election results.
The sky isn't just falling -- it has done fallen. Genetically right-wing moral majoritarians are roaming wild in packs, congressional conservatives have a permanent lock on power and any executive-branch modification of the president's personal Weltanshauung is now, officially, verboten.

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I've got more here, including The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Preparation Website, but damn it I gotta go to work again. Check back later tonight, maybe a little before Kickoff time for Monday Night Football. H.L.

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