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November 23, 2004.

Okay which one of you old boys wanna blow me first

Bush expects World Leaders to treat him just like The Democrats do. He doesn't even wait for the picture to be taken before he pulls down the zipper

The man is a constant embarrassment President George W. Bush (news - web sites), left, talks with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, as Prime Minister of Australia John Howard, right, talks with China's President Hu Jintao, and Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong , top left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin (news - web sites) look on after they attended the Reading of the Final Declaration at the APEC (news - web sites) Summit at La Moneda Sunday, Nov. 21, 2004 in Santiago, Chile. (AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan)


H.L.s Take: He looks like he really enjoys his job.

Contest: Give This Picture a Caption

Hey everyone, only 2 more days until one of H.L.s favorite Holidays, Thanksgiving. Now I know that a lot of people dont like Thanksgiving because we killed all the Indians, after they taught us how to survive out there. and its not good to eat animals, but I liked Thanksgiving even before I knew that. I like it because you get to hang out with people you really like, you know like family, or friends, eat a lot of food, (especially Turkey, and Mashed Potatos but the real ones, not those boxed flakes.) Drink Beer, and watch football. Even though we get stuck watching the lame ass Lions, and Cowboys every year. H.L. has cooked up a few Thanksgiving feasts in his time, but this year I am going over to a freinds and they can do all the work. This guy is as big a Football fan as I am, so we will be scrutinizing every play.

Heres The Ultimate Thanksgiving website. This is from "Auntie Jan" from Vermont. Its got all kinds of good stuff in there about how to cook Thanksgiving dinners, and this is from someone with experience cooking huge meals.

Jans Rat Race Thanksgiving Edition

As far as the Football games we've got The Lions being visitied by the Inianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning is on pace to break Dan Marino's record for touchdown passes in a season; being a Miami Dolphin fan, I don't want to see Manning get that record. The Colts will be favored in this one, but Detroit usually plays pretty well on T-Day. I hope the Lions Defense can hold Manning to maybe just 1 touchdown. I'd like to see Detriot win this one outright. Then we have The woeful Chicago Bears, coming in to play the pitiful Dallas Cowboys. This is a good game for Thanksgiving because it will be a real Turkey (haha).

Gotta get back to work, talk to you later.


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