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November 20, 2004.

Whats happening everyone. Well the Supergeeks, at UC Berkley are saying what we've all know all along, that Bush lost Florida again. These guys did some heavy research, and it's all there in the bible of Supergeekdom.


University researchers challenge Bush win in Florida

'Something went awry with electronic voting in Florida,' says the lead researcher

NOVEMBER 18, 2004 - Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, said today that they have uncovered statistical irregularities associated with electronic voting machines in three Florida counties that may have given President George W. Bush 130,000 or more excess votes. The researchers are now calling on state and federal authorities to look into the problems.

The study, "The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections," was conducted by doctoral students and faculty from the university's sociology department and led by sociology professor Michael Hout.

Hout is an expert on statistical methods at the Berkeley Survey Research Center and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Read The Whole Story

In Other Election News

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette  An AP Story

Fiasco In North Carolina

Heres some Merikans that "aint sorry" about George W Bush's second term

Lets pull out the big dusty mail bagFrom my good friend Roland


Hey H.L. whats up? If you want a good laugh go to this link that Deb sent me.

he he he  how ya doing there boy

eeeeeeee dogggiess
Run Cause I Got a Gun, I ain't Sorry

At least the house dont smell
Hello Nah, I ain't Sorry

I love Bush
Buurrrrrpppp!, I ain't Sorry

See the rest of your fellow countrymen who aint sorry

We Ain't Sorry

War News

Heres some of whats going on in Iraq today, (or maybe it was yesterday, possiby tomorrow)

The Information Clearinghouse

Eyewitness Report: 4 Killed As U.S. Forces Raid Mosque

Al Bawaba

Three Iraqis killed in Baghdad as Zarqawi group beheads two ''Iraqi National Guards''

Lets pull out the big dusty mail bagFrom John from Chicago. (Central character in The Bartcop Chicago Pokerfest Report)

Hola HL

Decoding Safire

"...with the necessary hard fist in a softer glove. Powell's inclination to settle was a counterweight to Rumsfeld's drive to win. Though the two stayed personally compatible -- remarkable near the center of power, where differences are usually personalized -- their Weltanschauungs diverged." *Billy Safire NYWT.(Thats The New York Times- H.L.)

(Weltanshauungs n; pl [G] 1) Literally white mans penis and black mans anus. 2) An idea embedded in cosmology, worldview.)

ps; Laugh bitch!

*Hes refering to this article by Safire in The Times.Second verse about winning policy battles

H.L. Replys: Johnny, Whats happening bro, Whats going on over there in Chicago. I heard they closed down The Tequila Roadhouse. Is that True? Talk to you soon H.L.

Arnold Our Next President?

Ok Now we are going to talk about Ahhnold, I have already told you that Ahhhnold may be our next President. He will be the next Reagan. Some Psychofant fan of Arnolds who happens to be some high powered chick who wants to jump his bones. has started a movement to change Article 2 Section 5 of The Constitution Therby allowing The Republicans to bring Arnold in as the new Pres. She has a website called Amend for Arnold

However Alex Jones, Radio host and author of Info Wars.com has countered the Arnold onslaught with a new site that tells the truth about Arnold, Arnold Exposed. And to top it all off Alex had this woman, Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones on his show. They got into all the heavy stuff, Arnolds Nazi connections, Bohemian Grove, The Groping stories, but this lady, knowing all that still wants Arnold to be President because she wants to do him, and this is her way of getting close to him. You gotta listen to this interview its pretty wierd.

Listen to The Interview

Ok We got some more good stuff for you here tomorrow, dont forget to stop by. H.L.

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