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August 6, 2004

New back issues page.

Have a look at the new back issues page. (Complete with a cool "Hollywoodland" sign pic.) For now I will archive each week of The H.L. on a separate page in on the back issues page. Here it is  There is also a link to the latest back issue on the home page.


California at risk, and not just of terrorism

They say were supposed to be getting a Big Quake soon


In These Times

They Knew

The Bush administration, and the neocons knew their Iraq claims were weak, but they went ahead with the war anyway. Now they have the blood of 900 soldiers on their hands.

August 7, 2004

Nobody's Hiring, and the Stock Market is at its low for the Year Thank God the economy has "Turned the corner"

L.A. TimesHiring Dip Makes Bush Campaign Job Harder

Got to go to work, try to get more later H.L.

August 8, 2004


Could you not have come up with a better site name? And don't you think that's it's all a bit pretentious, offering your views to the world as if anyone really cares?  Blogging if you're someone who is publicly accountable (like Tom Watson MP in the UK), is fine, as that's part of his remit....please tell me that you're an elected public servant, member of the Senate or House of Representatives.........otherwise get your head from out of your arse and take a reality check.   Regards Stephen Bentley

Mr. Bentley,

Thanks for writing in. We love getting email here at The Hollywood Liberal. Ok Shephen, for starters. I thought of naming the site. Ignore the media.com (All one word of course) Because of my disdain for it all, However I thought with all the negativity surrounding Liberalism, fully brought on by right wingers who have successfully made the majority of the American population think that liberalism is the worst thing ever besides smallpox. I am proud to be a liberal so I wanted to put that right out front for all to see. And oh yeah, I live in Hollywood. So there you have it. I put it to a vote between those two choices and now I'm H.L. 

   Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Bentley  but I am not an elected official. (But I don't see how I could do much worse then most of the ones that I personally have to live under the rule of.) My house representative in Congress is Henry Waxman. He seems to be on the ball somewhat, but the rest of them... Well I don't want to offend you Stephen, so enough said. Yes it is a bit pretentious spouting off your views, but I am far from alone. (Also I did this to learn HTML and websites and I thought it would be fun.) Lots of unelected officials like to give their opinions, you see it every day. Tell you what Stephen, you get them to stop. And I will close this website down and board it up. Keep in touch,

Thanks H.L.

I didn't get a chance to read this but I thought I would post it. If someone wants to review the article. Please feel free to send it on.

CounterpunchWhat John Kerry really did in Viet Nam

August 9, 2004

Hey people, I've been working crazy hours at my new job. I'll be posting late tonight. (early in the morning for the east coasters) talk to y'all soon H.L.

August 10,2004

I just got a call from my friend  Buck, from the Pokerfest, who is a professional photographer. Me, and Buck may be going to NY to do some team coverage of the convention, at least what's going on outside, for Bartcop with me writing, and buck taking pictures. Now  all I got to do is tell my boss, who just 2 hours ago told me that he needs me to work as much as possible for the next month or so, that I will need to take 5 days off in three weeks from now. This may be a short lived business venture. H.L. and Bartcop, working together on this one, should be great. I've mentioned before that Bart has the coolest sight on the web, so check it out if your not already a Bartcopper regular. More info as it comes in....

Whoooo, I finally got a few minutes to relax, and get to some postings. The last 4 days have been a nonstop emotional roller coaster for me in this business that I am trying to get off the ground. I wouldn't have gotten involved at all had I still been working in my chosen profession of the past 12 years, but a confluence of factors have led me to be still out of work, and out of unemployment after 6 months. I had the opportunity to invest in a business opportunity, but the investment requires both money and time, lots of time. So now we can get to some important stuff, like this for example:

Reporter Held in Contempt in CIA Leak Case

You have to read this story. Apparently, the investigation of the leak of Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent by someone in the administration is actually happening. Matthew Cooper of Time, is in contempt of a judges order to reveal a source. If he loses his appeal he could do 18 months in jail, for not revealing the source. Now on the other hand Tim Russert, the big old windbag  from NBC was also issued a subpoena to reveal sources, but like the money grubbing whore that he is, he crawled right over there and told them everything they wanted to know, oh so typical of the corporate greedofacist TV news.

So Unemployment is up, the stock market is down to the lowest levels of the year, and now interest rates are going up. Yeah the economy has "Turned the corner all right" The corner it turned was off a cliff, and straight down. Oh Georgie, Georgie, where will it all end.

Got to go out and take care of some stuff on what will probably be my last day off before I leave for NYC. more later tonight H.L.

August 11, 2004

I'm going to be spending a lot of time working between now and when I leave for New York, to report live from the Republican Convention.  (See Yesterdays posting) Here's some early morning stories that I came across. I'll be posting again tonight. I  hope. H.L.

The Toronto Star

John Stewart Gets Serious, Why Won't Reporters?

The Daily Show with John Stewart is the best political reporting show on Television. Jon is the only non whore on the entire boob tube. What kind of comment is that about American Television Journalists that the only one who is willing to ask the tough questions is on a comedy show, on cable television. Stewart makes, Rather, Brokaw, Jennings, and all the talk nazis, on MSNBC, Fox, and the rest  look like a lame joke. Which of course they are. The show also happens to be hilarious. I don't watch it on Television, but you can go to the Daily Show website and download all the latest clips from previous episodes. Check it out.


Bush Listens to Sermon on Material Wealth

They're ordering the hit on the minister right now.


RNC Protest Organizers Reject Rally Site

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