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August 13,2004 

Posting will be a little sporadic over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for our Big Trip To New York for the convention.  I'm working day and night right now so I can take a week off at the end of the month, and also to pay for the extravaganza. Meanwhile here's a story concerning the protests over there, Keep in touch, for the latest on the big trip. H.L.

Group Sues of NYC Rally Permit Denial

August 17, 2004 

We have a brand New NYC Protest info Page.

Check out all the info on what's going on in NYC. you can go there by clicking up there or right here

Also we have Volume 2 of the back issues page now up. Click here to if you missed last weeks episode. 


New York is starting to realize the profit potential of this convention.

N.Y. Welcomes Protesters With Discounts

I Know I will be cashing in my discount card.


Hey guys what's happening. Got the day off today, so were going to get to a lot of stuff. For anyone who's been checking out the site the last couple of days, sorry about the inactivity. Don't forget  to tune in during the Republican Convention in New York City August 29,- to Sept. 2, I'll be in New York, reporting live from out side the convention. So there will be plenty of inside first hand stuff you won't see anywhere else. That is unless I get a visit...

FBI Tracks Potential GOP Protesters

Seems they are showing up at the houses of people who may want to start trouble. The Hollywood Liberal is not going to cause trouble, just to report it.

More later. Thanks H.L.


August 20, 2004 

Hey everyone, how you all doing. Well I have been working every day, pretty much from the time I get up in the morning until I get home late at night to grab a few hours of sleep before I get up and do it all again. We have only 1 week left until we get on a plane and head to New York for the big convention show down. Here's a funny little story. (Well maybe not so funny, but a little story none the less) You know being from Hollywood, one of the two or three most liberal cities in America, I don't run across many Republicans, ditto monkeys, brainless idiots, whatever you want to call them. Everyone around here is a Lib. Dem. anti Bushist like me. Now I work a lot down in Orange County, which I keep forgetting has a lot of Republicans. I went to a little bar restaurant down there last night for a 22oz. Heineken, and a plate of Buffalo Chicken Strips, with Blue Cheese dressing. I started talking to a couple of friendly folks at the bar. The conversation came around to how I was from N.Y., Apparently I still have a little bit of an accent. I then mentioned that I was going to be there for the convention. The people were like "oh really, wow, that's pretty cool," I then mentioned without even thinking, "Yeah I'm going to be out there protesting with the other millions, and covering it for two, Liberal websites. A look of shock, and horror suddenly came over the crowd. It was not until that moment that I put the whole thing together. These people are Republicans through and through. It has been drilled into there head since birth, and these aren't any rich home owners from Anaheim Hills, or Newport Beach. They were hard working middle class people like me. It was late, and I had to get home so I could get up for work, so I didn't feel like getting into a debate with Bush country zealots, so we did the whole "That's the great thing about America, Everyone can think and do exactly as they please" thing. But you know what, Its not so great when people can be so uninformed about how they are being screwed by the people they love. Ok well got to go back out there to the alien land known as Orange County right now. Anyone out there that lives in Repub. land, I now know how you feel, sort of. Of course I can just get on the 5 freeway, and in a half hour I'm back in the land that I love. The land of the Liberal. Talk to you later.



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