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July 30, 2004

Largest Budget Deficit Ever

How long will the bottom 98% have to suffer so the top 2% can buy another Yacht.

The Hundreds of Thousands of dollars he makes a year. (The part that's reported anyway.) is not enough He needs to be making Millions. Hey Tom,  good riddance. You would do the country a big service if you go back to what you used to do. Lot's of people need you to come to their houses and spray for those pesky termites. 

Congress Goes on 6 week Vacation

An Ill-Deserved Vacation  

All these Guys do is go on vacation, give themselves raises, and screw the the people.

July 31, 2004 


GOP Hypocrite of the Week: TV News Media

Of the week? How about of the past 30 years.


Protect Our Votes-Insist on a Paper Ballot 

The new Diebold voting machines that are supposed to make sure that we don't have another Florida 2000, on our hands, is actually designed to make sure that happens. With no paper trail, there will be no way to recount the votes so they won't have to get the Supreme Court involved in appointing Bush to a second term. Like the not signed, one time only, no precedent from this decision will be allowed to be sited, because we are illegaly hijacking the government. Decision they made to get there idiot boy in there. The way to circumvent this is to vote with an absentee ballot. There is a paper trail for absentee ballots, so if you live in a state using voting machines, you should get your absentee ballot now.


Study: Fear shapes voters' views

The republicans want to keep us all cowering in fear over the next attack. Well since they were behind the last one I guess they can (and will?) launch another if they get desperate enough. 

August 1, 2004


You know I just realized that I made a post a couple of days back that when Tom Ridge retires, he could help out the country by going back to spraying bugs like he used to. Ok so it looks like I got my Lying Nazi, Punks, named Tom who work for the monkey confused. It's Tom Delay, who used to exterminate bugs for a living not Tom Ridge. Hell they even look kind of the same

                Its a Wolf!                   Dude, I just snorted some heavy bug spray.  


The Hollywood Liberal wishes to  apologize:  Sorry about that chief.


Now they're getting more specific with the Terra threats

WASHINGTON - The federal government warned Sunday of possible terrorist attacks against "iconic" financial institutions in New York City, Washington and Newark, N.J., saying a confluence of intelligence over the weekend pointed to a car or truck bomb.

That thing was this big, and I could barely get my mouth around it
Its a wolf, Its a wolf!


Specifically, the government named these buildings as potential targets:

_The Citicorp building and the New York Stock Exchange sites) in New York City.

_The International Monetary Fund - sites) and the World Bank - sites) buildings in Washington.

_The Prudential building in Newark. 

How come there are never terror warning for places like Texas, oh yeah because they vote for Bush in Texas.

"The preferred means of attack would be car or truck bombs," Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said in a briefing with journalists. That would be a primary means of attack. "The government said the new intelligence indicated the meticulous planning of al-Qaida. He identified explosives as the likely mode of attack, as opposed to a chemical or biological attack or a radiological "dirty" bomb.

Ridge said the government's threat level for financial institutions would be raised to orange, or high alert, but would remain at yellow, or elevated, elsewhere. Ridge said it would be up to New York City officials to decide whether to move to the highest level, red. The city has remained on orange since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

If they go to red that means no one can leave there houses, even to go to work. Yeah we'll leave that up y'all over there in New York.????

The threat potential remains through the Nov. 2 elections, Ridge said.

How convenient. Right up until the elections. So if Bush wins the threat magically disappears, If Bush loses then what?


Vague Unspecified Terror Warning of The Week

Thank God we have Jr. to keep us all safe. 

NYC Police Issue Warning of Terror Threat

This ones from ABC News citing those ever reliable "Anonymous Sources." That refuse to elaborate further. Now that Bush is on the ropes we should be expecting these every couple of days or so. two days ago it was California, and New Mexico, today its New York Coming soon to a town near you.


No, this time there really really really is a wolf.


Kerry envisions no more US troops for Iraq

He says he expects to bring home "significant" numbers of the troops during his first term. I guess that means that  after 4 years, our kids will still be dying in Iraq. Hey Johnnie, "significant"?, can you be a little more vague?? So come on John what's "significant" 10%?,  20%?  Not good enough Johnnie boy.

Undecided Voters, In this election?

As I stated in my review of John Kerry's speech to the convention, I don't see how its possible to be undecided about this election. A guy who posted on the chimp yesterday agrees with me. He put it a little more blatantly however. Here is Jack Burtons take on the matter,  if you have an opinion, write in and let me know.

thehollywoodliberal@yahoo.com thanks H.L..

Mr. Burton:

Undecided voters are true Americans. Pig fucking ignorant TV addicts and church goers.
Seriously though, I agree to the extent that How can anyone alive in this country be undecided!!! Jesus, you'd have to be brain dead to not know what is happening to this country. I believe Bush has support from a core of true Nazis and true Christians [they may be one in the same]. Beyond that, who in god's name can support this clown, fool, idiot, liar, drug taker, draft dodger, and war monger. Well, it seems about half the voting public! It makes one lose faith in democracy that people will vote for a man who sends their jobs overseas with pleasure and wonders why unemployed or underemployed don't just take a prozac and stop complaining. It just doesn't sink in to the lead lined brains of these dumb ass hillbillies. My son/daughter is in Iraq, I lost my job, my wife works at Wal-mart 48 hours a week and gets paid for 40 hours, I've no health insurance and my kids school laid off half it's teachers. But I got my preacher and he's passing out BUSH 04 T-shirts at the fair! So I'm going with the Christian Bush! God, it's a wonder I can stay off of DRUGS when I think about the stupidity of the American people!! No wonder they want a Stalin clone for president. Wait a minute, Stalin was crazy, but was not stupid

U.S Ecomomy slows drastically in spring

Partially because of high gas prices. So look for Gas prices to come down right before the election, so Bush can say "See we lowered gas prices because we care so much about you people"

Well its time for me to go out and drink, more later this morning. H.L.

August 2, 2004. 

OK I figured out what the terror warnings in New York are all about. I can't believe it took me a whole day to get it. but now I understand. The Republican Convention is in New York next month. Duh! That's why they put out the terror warnings. They're going to use this as an excuse to stop people from protesting at the convention. (Wall St. is right down the block from ground zero, and The Citicorp building is in midtown, right near Central Park, and Madison Square Garden. where most of the protesting will be happening.) The Bush crew knows that its going to get ugly out there, so they have to come up with a way to not have 1 million people in the streets showing the whole world how much we all hate him. Well now he have specified warnings that will give them an excuse. I just saw on Yahoo News that they're getting ready to reopen the Statue of Liberty for the first time since 9/11. How come there not worried about a terrorist attack there?  Jesus Christ do they really thing we're that goddam stupid. They don't have to worry about people protesting at the Statue of Liberty because it's on a tiny island in the New York Harbor halfway between NY and NJ. I mean if you were a terrorist and you wanted to strike at the very heart of what America is all about, how about The Statue of Liberty. I mean Liberty...freedom, kind of the same thing.  Isn't Bush always saying how they hate us because of our freedom?? What better symbol of freedom then that big green statue.

    I think at this point The Bush gang knows that there is no way they can win in a fair election. So you know they are going to try something heavy. We don't know what it is yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if its something that no one is even thinking of. Just like the Florida 2000 fiasco. No one was expecting that. It was a move of sheer evil genius. Karl Rove is enough of an evil satanic genius to come up with something else that no one ever thought of. I think they realize that stealing Florida is not going to be enough this time, so who knows? I have a feeling that Kerry may have a trick or two up his sleeve for October, or November. Someone was speculating that he may have all the foreign leaders lined up that he originally said were secretly telling him that they wanted him to win. The leaders that Bush demanded to know who they were. Kerry may have them come out before the election and say that they are ready to send there troops to Iraq to form the multinational coalition that Bush never bothered to get together, but only if Bush is blown out of office. So Bush leaves office, we get help in Iraq, if he doesn't we won't and we'll continue to flounder around over there getting our soldiers killed on a daily basis. No one wants that. This is one possible scenario, and one that's a damn good idea even if Kerry hasn't thought of it. Were going to need some surprises of our own to take the White House back even if we win the election, because they are  planning something. Lets hope Kerry can handle whatever they throw at him.

August 3, 2004


There's at least one a day now.

Ridge Defends 'Three-Year-Old' Terror Alert

They are using pre 9/11 information to justify the terror warnings. (You know the warning they ignored before 9/11) Of course if you read this site yesterday, you know why they did it. If you haven't read it. Just look below.

Lawyers seek to block Guantanamo hearings

They are afraid that some innocent person might go free. 

I have to go out and take care of some things, A full roundup of all the days atrocities later. H.L.

August 4, 2004

No end in sight for code orange marathon

So I guess were all supposed to forget that just yesterday it came out that the terror alert was a lie. Oh yeah thats right because were all stupid.

Now they've got machine gun toting cops in the subways. Guess who pays for all this extra protection?

DVD copying software company folds.

Get yours if you still can, I "hear" they work very well.


Kerry, and Bush nearly crossing paths in Iowa

It's all about the numbers. When you watch or read the news tonight you can be sure they will only announce the crowd totals if more came to see Bush. If they don't announce how many people showed up at each speech, you can be sure there were way more there to see Kerry.


Howard Dean for America

Transcript of Howard Dean interviewed by Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer is one of the biggest whores in all of televisionland. (Which makes him one of the biggest whores in the world.) If you saw him on John Stewart recently, you saw John shred him and expose him for what he was, and all Wolf could do is sit there and with a smirk on his face that would make his master proud, while he shamelessly plugged his show one more time. See again as Wolf  continues to lick the sack of the monkey, in every possible way, while Howard Dean comes on and tells it like it is.


We got another email:

Hi, Do you get much support for your website? MMMP

H.L Responds: Not enough but were new, If you would like to send some "support" I could give you an address. thanks H.L.


Photo Gallery

I finally got the photo gallery up and running, If you would like to see it click here

August 5, 2004



The Hollywood Liberal Responds: I imagine if you just go into the city any day during the convention, you will see people out there with signs protesting but here's a few specifics. It looks like a big one will be on Sunday August 29th There are two different meeting points listed below, both will feed into a march over to Madison Square Garden. If you don't want to march you can just show up at The Garden. 7th Ave. and 34th Street.

United for Peace and Justice

Sunday, August 29:
The World Says No to the
Bush Agenda!

The sticker we all go
Massive NYC March and Rally on the Eve of the Republican National Convention

Assemble at 10:00AM,
Seventh Avenue @ 14th Street
March steps off at noon

Protest Info
Get Involved
Getting to NYC
Event Details
NYC Local Efforts
Other RNC Events

On Sunday, August 29th, one of the biggest and most important protests in a generation will take place in New York City: a massive march and rally on the eve of the Republican National Convention, organized by United for Peace and Justice. If you're alarmed by the direction that the Bush Administration has taken this country, you will want to make your voice heard at this historic gathering, where we will march against war, greed, hate and lies. Already, many thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups - anti-war, civil rights, immigrant, religious, labor, feminist, environmental, and many more - are planning to participate in this demonstration. The Republican National Convention - and the protests - will be covered by media outlets around the world. It is vital that we bring the largest possible number of people to New York City on Sunday, August 29 to speak out against the actions and plans of the Bush Administration.

International Answer

New York City
Protest the Republican National Convention
Mass March: Sunday, August 29
Gather at 10 am at 7th Ave. and 23rd St.,
with a march past the site of the RNC
to kick off a week of protests against the RNC

Email: nyc@internationalanswer.org
Phone: 212-633-6646, 202-544-3389
Transportation Form
logisitcs page

More Info on additonal Protests.

RNC not welcome.org

Service Advisory
  Posters coming soon

The Republican National Committee has, for the first time in their 150 year history, selected New York for their Convention from August 29-September 2, 2004. In a shallow attempt at exploiting the lives lost at the World Trade Center, the RNC has pushed the Convention date to September. We have witnessed two unjust wars, at least one American life lost each day overseas, a depressed economy, the collapse of the dollar, $87 billion to boost war profiteering, the closing of our firehouses, a health-care crisis, millions of children being left behind, and now this. We say, Enough!

When the vote does not place in power those who represent the will of the people, democracy must be taken to the streets. This administration's choice of New York City, historically known for its diverse population, its welcoming of immigrants from far off lands, and its radical politics will prove to be their biggest mistake yet.

I will post more info as it comes in. H.L.

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