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The Hollywood Liberal's Interactive Blog-O-Rama

This isThe Hollywood Liberal Blog. This is the place where we put the important stories. This is an Interactive Feedback Forum. Read the whole Story and post your comments at the bottom. We cover all The Liberal Stories From Hollywood, here at H.L.s Blog. Peace, War, Lies, Truth, Politics and more. Welcome To The Forum Dont forget to check out the Home Page. Thanks for stopping by.

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05/03/2005: "Your Comments to Todays (or Yesterdays) Stories"

music: Tell me what you think

Hi, Welcome to H.L.s Blog. Add your comment to any of the stories we put up. Just say which story you want to Talk about. You can talk about the story itself, or H.L.s Takes: Hell you can talk about whatever you want. I will comment, on the good comments tomorrow. H.L.

Replies: 14 Comments

on Tuesday, May 3rd, Mike said

Hi, me again. Would you mind if I copied your rotating e-mail gif file for my blog?

on Tuesday, May 3rd, HL said

go for it. If you do a websearch of animated gifs you will find sites with all kinds of cool email graphics.

on Tuesday, May 3rd, Jack said

Love the fetus soldiers from Miss Poppy. I am going to order a dozen to give to my friends. Priceless.

on Wednesday, May 4th, LenaDavid said

I liked the cartoons about bush. Thought the fetuses were over the top though.

Wanted to hear more about the supposed hijackers who are alive and well. How does the Bush Regime justify trying and convicting men who supposedly died in the 911 crashes?

on Wednesday, May 4th, RichJ said

Unless a French style revolution takes place before 2006, our votes don't count. Even if the elections were real, and the Republicans lost some seats, the Democrats are just as corrupt. Ron Paul is the only honest politician in D.C.

on Wednesday, May 4th, Lisa Barone said

I cant believe those things Laura Bush said, what a filty Potty Mouth, I filed my protest with the FCC, you should to.

on Saturday, May 7th, Black Dog said

Well, I'm a nerd. Better than 87% nerd. Well, hell. How is it possible to be a nerd when you live in a red state? Aren't they all morons? Dosen't that make me human? Oh well.

on Saturday, May 7th, Smarty Jones said

I like that shrub fella. It makes me cum to the barn. Now I'm primed for the Derby.

on Saturday, May 7th, Mister Ed said

Willllbur! That's soo good! If only pickles was here, too!

on Saturday, May 7th, Brad Turner said

You Californians can still listen to the PHC on NPR, being as how time is altered as you travel east. The show tonight (not for you CA types just yet) is pretty good. I've received a grant to tie a rope to the north pole and run as fast as I can counterclockwise. I will emerge wearing pantaloons and speaking ancient spanish. I'm off!

on Saturday, May 7th, George Bush, jr. said

I just wan ta tell ya I got tha nukular thang figered with ma' best friend pootin ta tha ss-sstuff I was AA'tootin' about. All about gettin' right with docs , them obgyn's who want to ss-sshare there love with women in amurika. Uh----------

on Saturday, May 7th, HL said

Hey everyone thanks for writing in you guys Rock.
Lena, Lisa, Brad, Rich J.
Black Dog, Smarty Jones, Mr. Ed. (I didn't know we were so popular with horses)And a very special thanks to George Bush Jr. Later

on Saturday, November 19th, Evan Miller said

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on Friday, December 30th, Mortgage Calculator said

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