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The Hollywood Liberal's Interactive Blog-O-Rama

This isThe Hollywood Liberal Blog. This is the place where we put the important stories. This is an Interactive Feedback Forum. Read the whole Story and post your comments at the bottom. We cover all The Liberal Stories From Hollywood, here at H.L.s Blog. Peace, War, Lies, Truth, Politics and more. Welcome To The Forum Dont forget to check out the Home Page. Thanks for stopping by.

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05/16/2005: "Welcome to H.Ls Interactive Blog"

Whats up people, let me know whats on your mind, You can talk about anything, its your Forum. Thanks for tuning in H.L.

Replies: 2 Comments

on Monday, May 16th, Dan C said

Total bullshit! Newsweek actually did something with journalistic integrity, and now they are apologizing for it. This truly proves that the media is the "Hand maiden of the State."

Newsweek reported something that made the United States look very bad. Bush and the United States military should be the ones apologizing to the world, not Newsweek. That article was inflamatory and incited riots, but that type of news should.

It is apalling what is going on, but it is even more appalling that Newsweek has now censored itself. Newsweek's company slogan should now be "Propaganda it's whats for dinner."

If more journalists and publications printed the truth, instead of state sponsored or approved stories, people would realize that we are not on the moral high ground. After coming to this realization they may begin to wonder at and question our country's foreign policy. This apology makes me fucking sick.

on Monday, May 16th, RichJ said

Newsweek was given a job. Write a story that would stir up the Muslims, which then could be used back here to stir up fear of the Muslims. And that, takes us into Iran real soon.

With the Muslims fired up, Newsweek prints a semi-retraction so that the 'moral majority' back here can continue to think that they are walking the high road and have done nothing wrong.

After all, torture, murder, and theft is ok when God is on your side. :crazy:

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