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Home » Archives » April 2005 » If You Live in Cal. Don't Renew Your Car Registration by Mail

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04/14/2005: "If You Live in Cal. Don't Renew Your Car Registration by Mail"

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Replies: 3 Comments

on Thursday, April 14th, Cheryl Maietta said

Thanks for writing this. I had a situation where my registration was held up by some really strange circumstances. I even found out that there was some sort of program preventing DMV clerks from processing my registration. I finally was able to find a sympathetic ear in Campbell who convinced her supervisor to hack the system to get my registration processed. Afterwards, I wrote up the story because it also cost me bogus fees, fines, etc. and though it was clear that I was not liable for anything and was just being victimized for whatever reason, mechanical, etc... the arbitration decided against me! Funny, I happened to reopen that file a few days ago and just had another, Huh!? moment... so I am so glad that you wrote this. I would like to see a movement to actually record the amount of viruses, DMV hassles etc. that activists, writers, etc. endure compare to the general non "progressive" community.

This is great exposure:)

on Friday, April 15th, # said

This really did happen to us. Got pulled over, officer called station and station was able to verify that we had actually paid our registration. Was not ticketed but could not guarentee that we would not be stopped again. The officer was not surprised at all that we had not received new sticker after 3 months. Had to go to DMV to actually get stickers. Nothing ever came in the mail. Not from California and glad we don't live there anymore.

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