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Home » Archives » February 2005 » Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon

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02/20/2005: "Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon"

music: The unmaking of a media whore by Justin Raimondo

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on Sunday, February 20th, HL said

Mr. Raimondo, based on this article, and others that he has links to in it, seems to think that The "war party" as he calls it, will be brought down at least partially by this. He sites Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Cheneys main assistant, as being on the hot seat. Which could lead to an unraveling of the whole thing much like The breakin, was the beginning of the unraveling of Nixon. Of course they didn't quite control everything the way Bush does. Lets hope Jason is right here, and let the unravelling begin

on Tuesday, February 22nd, Brad Turner said

H.L., I sure hope you are right! I am usually the last one to "get it" in a mystery so I need a little help. Is there going to be a GJ investigation into all this shit? BTW, I too think HST was one of the best writers of the 20th century. Regards, and thanks.

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