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February 25, 2005.
Heres a trial story of one of the people who got arrested At the Republican Convention in NYC in August (of which I was one) This guy just had his trial yesterday,

Account of trial from Critical Mass (8-27-05) arrestee James Nova:
Last week, both of my criminal cases (five charges total) were consolidated into one, upon the advice of National Lawyer's Guild president Martin Stolar.
His concern was that I could incriminate myself on the witness stand -- which we are protected against by the Fifth Amendment (a/k/a "taking the Fifth") if the question of my participation in other Critical Mass rides came up.
We had to get permission from the attorney handling my August case to consent to the consolidation and to turn over the files to my new attorney for the October case. The trial date set for for the August case would now be for both.
After viewing all of the relevant videotapes collected by the NLG (which took two days) and the police video that has been submitted as evidence (including the high-tech infra-red digital zoom helicoper video) I only appear on police tapes after having been arrested, never during any of the rides and never on bicycle.
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