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HL’s Comics Predicts The Future Yet Again: Leahy & Specter: Let’s Give Gonzalez a Chance

Posted in Latest Stories & Articles by H.L., Main Blog (All Posts) on July 30th, 2007 9:37 am by HL

As you probably know, last week Attorney General Alberto “Torture Boy” Gonzalez got up before the Senate Judiciary committee led by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and Republican Senator Arlen “Single Bullet theory” Specter, and gave the most hideously dishonest, lie packed testimony ever uttered under oath in a public setting. The whole sorry scene was chronicled in our July 25th, comic called Torture Boy Takes The Stand.
Leahy sent the list of questions in advance basically telling Gonzalez that ‘We know you lied about forgetting so much last time you were here that this time you have the questions in advance so you can’t say you don’t recall.’

Of course Gonzalez did just that again, and again, and again, when he wasn’t lying outright rather then just “forgetting”

Leahy ranted at Gonzalez that “He had lost the faith of Congress, and the American people” and that he “didn’t trust him.”

Specter has a history of appearing to be against Bush, or one of his policies, only to at the last moment suggest some kind of compromise that ends up giving the administration everything it wants. (with Leahy and the democrats going right along with it, then patting themselves on the back for being such statesmen.)
Old Arlen was up to his usual tricks at the hearing telling Gonzalez he did not believe him regarding the Attorney General’s testimony. We knew however that Specter was playing his usual game and pretending to be against Gonzalez while secretly working behind the scenes to cover up and obstruct on behalf of Bush.

Now, Leahy and Specter, after appearing together on “Face The Nation” Want to give Gonzalez a chance to “clarify his statements.” Basically what they are now saying to Gonzalez is: “We know you committed perjury, and you know you committed perjury, so if you just come out now and say that you were, you know, mistaken in your statements and admit that you ‘unintentionally misled’ us, all will be forgiven and we can go about our business of doing nothing as usual.”

Leahy last week sent Gonzalez a letter offering to give him a week to “resolve any inconsistencies” in his testimony. Leahy does not currently support charging Gonzalez with Perjury. Yes you read correctly, The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee sat there while the Attorney General insulted his, and our intelligence over and over, and pretty much said to him ‘Yeah I’m lying, do something about it,’ does not support charging this weasel with Perjury. But, Leahy said, “that could change,” Yeah right.

Specter now claims that since he had no inside knowledge of Bush’s spy program he has no way of knowing whether Gonzalez was telling the truth or not, and he wants to “Give him a chance.”

None of this really matters anyway because no way is Gonzalez going to change one word of his testimony, to do so would implicate Bush and the administration and that’s the only reason Gonzo still has a job, to keep the heat off Bush. So once Torture Boy does not comply with these new requests will Leahy and Specter change their minds and charge AG with Perjury? I’m willing to bet not. The whole thing is one big Dog and Pony show designed to make it look like they are doing something (Democrats and Republicans) to keep the voting public happy, when really all they are doing is lining their own pockets. HL’s Comics will keep abreast of the latest detail of this story and let you know what is really going on.

Get The Story Before It Happens, Read HLs Comics

3 Responses to “HL’s Comics Predicts The Future Yet Again: Leahy & Specter: Let’s Give Gonzalez a Chance”

  1. Rock Hudson Says:

    I was bored so I looked up liberal blogs for some humor.
    Your blog is awesome. Watching lunatics blather is hilarious. Liberal blogs are funny.

  2. libocrat Says:

    Today is Al Gore quote day.

    “It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. I hope that some day we will see the current outrageously large number of abortions drop sharply. . . . Let me assure you that I share your belief that innocent human life must be protected . . . In my opinion, it is wrong to spend federal funds for what is arguably the taking of a human life”

    Al Gore

  3. Hay Says:

    How one know if a lawyer is lying? Aren’t almost all Congresspeople lawyers. As a class I have lawyers only slightly ahead of car salespeople and journalists.

    Reminds me of when Edwards blamed the Republicans for “tax cuts for the rich” in the 2004 elections. Edwards did the same thing himself. Edwards got some $18 million in the ninties, in a class action suit against the tobacco companies, declared himself a Chapter S Corporation, and paid those millions to himself as dividends at a much lower tax rate. What a liar. At least when Cheney set up those dummy offshore corporations, he was intellectually honest.