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Archive for July 7th, 2007

Another 8 Soldiers, 50 Iraqi’s Dead in Ever Escalating Violence in Iraq

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 7th, 2007 8:25 am by HL

As much as the mainstream media tries to make you forget about it, with stories of immigration, and Scooter Libby, the Iraq war rages on. 8 more US servicemen were killed yesterday. Day in, and day out the war continues. Most have put it on the back burner now, but it wasn’t long ago that 8 dead soldiers would have been a big story. Now it is barely mentioned.

Attacks kill 50 Iraqis, 8 U.S. troops


TUZ KHORMATO, Iraq – Suicide bombings killed nearly 50 people and wounded dozens in two Shiite villages north of Baghdad, including a large truck explosion Saturday that ripped through an outdoor market and buried victims in rubble, officials said.

Separately, eight American troops and a British soldier were killed in fighting over two days….

The U.S. military on Saturday announced the deaths of eight U.S. servicemembers in combat, most in the Baghdad area.

Four soldiers were killed in two roadside bomb attacks on their patrols, both in the capital, the military said. A U.S. soldier and an Iraqi interpreter were killed Friday when an explosively formed penetrator exploded near their patrol in southeastern Baghdad. Explosively formed penetrators are high-tech bombs that the U.S. believes are provided by Iran, a charge denied by Tehran.

On Thursday, two Marines were killed in western Anbar province and a soldier died in Baghdad, the latest military statement said.

Another soldier died Friday of non battle-related cause and his death is under investigation, the military said without giving further details.

In the far south of Iraq, British troops came under heavy attack by militants in Basra, killing one soldier and wounding three, the British military said Saturday.

HLs Take

So on and on it goes. Everyone sitting back to wait until September when the “Surge” report will come out. Everyone knows that the report will say that the Surge was an unmitigated failure just like the man who implemented it. That is if the report comes out at all, then there will be much had wringing but nothing will be done as long as the murder asshole is still President. Democrats will do nothing, and each day more and more soldiers and civilians die, each day they die for no reason other then it makes Bush and Cheney Rich, and the Democrats are too cowardly, or too implicit to stop it.

Everyone Tired of Lame Duck Bush.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 7th, 2007 8:04 am by HL

Base to Bush: It’s Over

Washington Post

Let’s say you’re a Republican president, a bit more than midway through your second term. You’re scrambling to salvage what you can of a deeply unpopular war, you’re facing a line of subpoenas from Democrats in Congress and your poll ratings are in the basement. What do you do?

You estrange the very Republicans whose backing you need the most.

That’s precisely what President Bush has managed to accomplish during the two big political developments of recent weeks: the commutation of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison sentence and the defeat of comprehensive immigration reform. But the president’s problems with the GOP base go beyond those awkward headlines.

“Bush fatigue has set in,” declares one plugged-in GOP activist.

“We’re ready for a new president,” says a former state Republican Party official in the South.

“There was affection,” opines a conservative strategist based well beyond the Beltway, “but now they’re in divorce court.”

HL’s Take
Its going to be a long next 18 months. Everyone wishes Bush were gone, but no one will do anything about it. So we have to sit back while the retarded monkey continues to sell the nation down the river, and while more soldiers get killed, more money is stolen, oil companies continue to rape us, Halliburton gets no bid contracts that another company can get for half the price, Dick Cheney’s stock options continue to go higher, more of our civil rights are taken away, etc. etc. etc.

Ron Paul Leads All Republicans in You Tube Views. Raises More Money Then McCain

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 7th, 2007 7:49 am by HL

The Presidential candidacy of Ron Paul continues to grow. The republican controlled mainstream media is doing everything they can to keep Paul’s name out of the press, but his popularity keeps on rising. How long will the corporate media be able to ignore Paul? The republicans don’t want the public in on what is going on with Paul because he is their worst nightmare, A GOPer with a brain who is not a fear mongering war hawk. They also don’t like the fact that Paul wants to dismember the federal reserve bank, which is one way the super rich, get even super richer. Ron Paul has now raised more campaign cash then John McCain, which is only a small surprise considering how far The Senator from Arizona has slid since his one time front-running for the Republican nomination. McCain’s flip-flopping on the war has not helped his cause, neither has his opinion on Immigration which has inflamed many of the Republican, just kick them all out crowd.
It was also reported within the last couple of days that McCain has had to cut his staff due to poor cash income, and as we predicted here, it looks like McCain’s candidacy is all but dead.
Paul’s campaign has raised 2.4 Million this quarter, according not bad for a guy who gets no MSM love. The Ron phenomenon is just one more example of how the internet is shaping Presidential politics. Paul gets more play on You Tube, which is becoming a major political player, then any other Republican candidate. Second place on You Tube is Mitt Romney. Paul has beat out Romney 2.1 Million, to 700,000 views on the popular web broadcasting site.