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Republican Hyprocrisy News of The Day: Latest In a Never Ending Series

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 9th, 2006 8:16 am by HL

OK lets start off with more lies,lies, lies, about who knew what about what and when.

Report: GOP lawmaker warned Foley in 2000

WASHINGTON – A Republican member of Congress confronted then-Rep. Mark Foley (news, bio, voting record) about his Internet communications with teenagers as early as 2000, according to a newspaper report.
The report in the Washington Post pushes back by at least five years the date when a member of Congress acknowledges learning of the Florida Republican’s questionable behavior toward pages.

H.Ls. Take: So they knew about it for at least 6 years and did nothing, preaching family values, hatred of Homosexuality, and Death to child molestors all the way. This must be the reason why.

GOP shuns the man, not the money

NY Daily News
Mark Foley may be an embarrassment to the Republicans, but they still like his money.
The National Republican Congressional Committee intends to spend the $100,000 the former Florida legislator gave this summer – before his sordid e-mail exchanges with male teenage congressional pages turned him into a grand old pariah.

“We’re going to do with it what we do with other donations – use it to help elect Republicans,” said NRCC spokesman Carl Forti.

H.Ls. Take:
Thats right. Foley has been writing big checks to the Republican leadership council the whole time. Everyone else that Foley has been paying off is giving the money back, but the Republicans are going to use that money to help campaign for a whole new generation of child molestors and war profiteers. Isn’t that great???… Well Maybe not according to this story.

Foley Consuming GOP As Elections Draw Near

Washington Post
“It’s sucking all the air out of the room,” Shaw said in an interview after his news conference at the port. “It’s a tough time; there’s just total saturation right now.”

Back in Washington, Republican strategists acknowledge privately that, even under their best-case scenario, Foley’s sexually charged messages and allegations that House leaders were too passive in responding to them will remain an all-consuming distraction for GOP campaigns for the next week.

Their strategy — equal parts hope and calculation — relies on waiting for the story to die down in local news outlets, even if it continues to dominate national news, while also accusing Democrats of exploiting a personal lapse for political gain.

H.Ls. Take:
There you have it in black and white right from the horses mouth. Their solution to the problem, same as it ever was. Try to blame Democrats. Rep. Patrick Mc Henry a little Republican twit from North Carolina went on Wolf Blitzer and tried to do just that, unfortunately he has no evidence and he sat there looking stupid as Wolf asked for the proof over and over again check out the video from Think Progress

Click Pic to See Video

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Of course the biggest Bush ass kisser, (and face kisser) of them all Joe LIEberman is trying his best to cover up for his fellow republicans.

Here is a little set up snippet to the video from Fire Dog
He then goes on to parrot the new GOP defense of Hastert du jour — let’s “wait until the investigation” in order to call for Hastert’s resignation. Right-o. That would be the GOP controlled Ethics Committee that GOP Joe has so much faith in to get to the bottom of the GOP coverup for sexual predators within their ranks. Hmmm. Some folks not named Lieberman are rightfully skeptical that this particular Ethics Committe, gutted and retro-fitted by Hastert himself to look away from every single GOP scandal of the past two years, is qualified to do the job:

They’ve now set up a Tip Line to call if you have been molested by one of them so they a can pay you off. They want to make sure they don’t end up with a repeat of this:

June 28, 1989

Its been going on for decades

Well there’s more, but thats enough for today. Stay tuned for the next in an never ending series. Republican Hyprocricy News of The Day

6 Responses to “Republican Hyprocrisy News of The Day: Latest In a Never Ending Series”

  1. LA Says:

    Here’s a story worth following by Wayne Madsen….

    DC Gays Say
    Hastert Had Sex With
    Young ‘Men For Hire’?
    By Wayne Madsen

    The rumors about another top GOP member of the House being involved in sexual encounters with young “men for hire” are confirmed to WMR by well-placed sources in Washington’s gay community. The member in question is House Speaker Dennis Hastert, whose “alternate” life style is the primary reason for him and his staff covering up the scandal involving ex-Florida GOP Rep. Mark Foley and his lewd messages sent to underage male congressional pages. Hastert’s penchant to receive anal sex is well-known to our sources in DC’s gay community. Additionally, Hastert’s reported extremely small penis is the subject of many jokes among Washington’s gay circles.

    Speaker Hastert: The “butt” of many jokes among Washington’s gay community.

    WMR reported on old charges that swirled around Hastert when he was a high school wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in Yorkville, Illinois. Hastert decided to enter politics in 1980 after rumors surfaced about inappropriate contact with male high school students.

    In July, Hastert was hospitalized at Bethesda Naval Hospital for cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection. In the Feb. 7, 2003 issue of AIDS Treatment News, doctors reported that they saw “a large increase in aggressive, antibiotic-resistant ‘staph’ (Staphylococcus aureus) skin infections in gay men in some areas — and a separate epidemic in certain prisons. Symptoms include boils or blisters; treatment can be difficult, and sometimes requires hospitalization. One HIV doctor in Los Angeles who used to see about one case a year is now seeing two a week. In the past this infection occurred mainly in hospitals.” The reports of serious skin infections among gay men was also reported in the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 27, 2003.

    WMR has also learned that Republicans will soon mount an effort to discredit a senior House Democratic member with a sex scandal of a rather different nature. The member is aware of the plans and is circling the political wagons if the GOP launches their expected attack.

  2. Bill Says:

    LA did you even bother to look up what cellulitis is before you posted this? HL you keep dogging me on “the facts” why don’t you look this up. THis is another crap story. 1 cellulitis is no contagious. The only way you can get it from someone is through an open sore. 2 It is a skin infection. Transmission of cellulitis or erysipelas
    Both cellulitis and erysipelas begin with a minor incident, such as a bruise. They can also begin at the site of a burn, surgical cut, or wound, and usually affect your arm or leg. When the rash appears on your trunk, arms, or legs, however, it is usually at the site of a surgical cut or wound. Even if you have no symptoms, you carry the germs on your skin or in your nasal passages and can transmit the disease to others.

    In fact if you want to know about it than go here.
    Come on HL between this and the crap you wrote about the cut out GI’s this is getting lame.

  3. lmz90028 Says:

    If you don’t like the site Bill… STOP COMING!

  4. HL Says:

    So you like the cutout GI thing. Hey thats cool, you can fill your house up with them and have a party.

  5. Bill Says:

    IMz why would I do that. I like a good laugh and HL is giving me one. If you don’t like me being here you can do the same thing you know.

  6. HL Says:

    Hey Bill, perhaps you need to find some other enjoyment out of life other then spending all day long commenting to every single thing I post on this site with the ultimate Republican talking point. “Its all Clintons fault” This country is in a the mess it is in because of the administration that has been in charge for the last 6 years and you know it.
    Newsmax and The Freeper site are not legitimate news sources. They are GOP Lie rags. I guess you got nothing better to do, but as I said before I spend countless hours working on this site and I don’t have time to debunk every BS post you put up here because it gives you a laugh. So do me a favor and limit your comments to about 3 a day. And no more newsmax and freeper Bull. Lets see some legitimate sources to your “Clinton is to blame for everything comments”