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January 2, 2005.

Special Bulletin: 12:01 P.M. PST

Democratic Rep. Bob Matsui Dies at Age 63

Congressman Bob Matsui BETHESDA, Md. - Democratic Rep. Robert T. Matsui of California, who spent time in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans as an infant during World War II and went on to serve 26 years in Congress, has died of complications from a rare disease, his family said Sunday.
He was the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the past two years, in charge of the unsuccessful effort to regain control of the House.
He also was the third-ranking Democrat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, where he was his party's point man on Social Security legislation.
In a statement announcing Matsui's death, his office disclosed that the congressman was diagnosed several months ago with Myelo Dysplastic Disorder, (AP got this wrong, they called it Milo Dysplastic Disorder, H.L.) a rare stem cell disorder that reduces the body's ability to produce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Victims of the disease are left more susceptible to other illnesses, with less ability to fight them off.
The statement said Matsui entered the hospital on Dec. 24 with pneumonia.
Matsui was recently re-elected with ease to his 14th term in Congress. His death will trigger a special election for a new representative in his Sacramento-area district.
As senior Democrat on the subcommittee on Social Security, Matsui gave every impression during the final few weeks of his life of being eager to lead the opposition to President Bush's plans to establish personal retirement accounts as part of a general overhaul of the program.

H.L.s Take: How conveinient for the Republicans, the main opponent of their main objective for the new congress which opens tomorrow, dies today. You know, I am starting to believe that God really is on their side. I wonder what some of the other sites will have to say about this. Another Paul Wellstone?

                                  When will people start to see it?
How you all doing. Happy New Year to all, Even though it will be a really shitty year. (4 years come to think of it.) Sorry I have not been devoting the attention to the site that I have in the past. I had a few ideas for some stories that I wanted to write, but time is the problem. I want to make it more then just posting a bunch of news links. I was going to do a story about my predictions for the new year, but I will let you use your imagination. Imagine the worst possible scenario in every situation concerning Bush, and The Democrats. It really makes it quite easy to predict the future.
OK heres a couple of quick ones
1. Protesters will be shot at and probably killed sometime this year (possibly at the inauguration)
2. The Democrats will continue to roll over for Bush and give him EVERYTHING he wants
3. Howard Dean will not become the head of the DNC,
4. The Democrats will do everything possible to alienate even more of thier base insuring they lose the next 26 elections. They will try to be even more like the Republicans, they will do this because they are all in the same party but need to make it seem like there is a choice. In the midterm elections they will lose worse then ever.
5. Alberto (Torture them all ) Gonzalez will easily be confirmed for Attorney General
6. John Ashcroft will become a Supreme Court Justice (not as sure on this one as the others)
7. The War in Iraq will continue into even more Vietnam like Quagmire Status (but Bush will say how great it is going and everyone will agree.
8. The Media will become even more Subserveiant to Bush. They will cast off all illusions of impartiallaity and begin to act even more like big brother telling us what to do, and warning us not to disagree with the mighty boy King.
9. Osama Bin Laden will not be caught, but will show up on tape everytime Bush wants something

See its easy, I bet you can come up with some of your own. If you get any good ones send them along, and I will post them here.

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Ok gotta go now, enjoy your sunday afternoon

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