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December 18, 2004.

Bush Vows Not to Ignore Economic Problems

He thinks hes the Pope now
Why I oughta.... By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - President Bush looking to build momentum in Congress for his second-term economic agenda, pledged Saturday not to ignore challenges to the nation's financial health and "leave them to another day."
H.L.s Take: Bush will not put off until tomorrow what he can steal today. "I want to see some momentum for my second term adgenda" Bush said, we've driven the nations financial health to the brink of disaster, but we still have so much more to take.
We have a duty to the American people to act on these issues, and we will get results," Bush said in his weekly radio address.
We will get results, no matter how many Veterans we have to screw out of benefits, no matter how many Iraqi widows we have to screw over for the pension money they were supposed to get. We will squeeze them all til they bleed, and we will get results
The remarks were a continuation of a broad campaign by Bush, begun earlier in the week with a two-day economic conference sponsored by the White House, to boost support for his economic plans.
Those include stealing the Social Security fund, so that people who payed in there whole lives will get nothing. "Thats a nice little wad of cash" Bush exclaimed, my family could really use that money. Another of Bush's plans is to limit lawsuits so that the big corporations don't have to pay out when they poison the environment, or put lethal chemicals into peoples bodies
In the radio speech and at the forum, Bush and his economic team made a pitch for major second-term priorities such as overhauling (stealing) Social Security , simplifying the tax code, (Come on boys keep it simple so a cowpoke like me can read it. I want to understand how it is that I am taking peoples hard earned money and using it so we can keep pumping that Oil out of Iraq. and keep producin' more tanks and bombs. I want to know how they pay for it but we get rich.) making previously passed tax cuts permanent, (We want to make sure those "freinds of ours" stay happy and keep those big tax cuts rolling in forever, Hell we'll just keep borrowin more money to pay for it its not like we ever have to pay that money back, right? )limiting alleged lawsuit abuse ("So you boys can ream them all you want and keep ALL the profits" He then broke into a laugh that resembled Homer Simpson when we was fantasizing about being the king of the world) and curbing the growth of government spending.
"I will work with members of both political parties to confront these problems so we can keep our economy flexible, innovative and competitive, and so America remains the best place in the world to do business," the president said Saturday.
After all both political parties have the same objective. Screwing over the people as much as possible while they sock away ever larger bundles of cash
"I will not ignore these challenges and leave them to another day."
The longer we wait the less interest we will collect
The forum featured hardly a dissenting view to Bush's second-term proposals or his optimistic assessments of the economy.
And why would it? Politicians from both parties, and all the people at the summit have been doing very well for themselves, so of course the economy is great
But he characterized it as "an important conference on America's economic future" And how we can bankrupt it
that allowed discussion with people from many backgrounds.
Those back grounds included Rich, Super Rich, and Disgustignly Rich,
Many of the president's proposals are highly controversial. Democrats argue that the administration should be focusing on rolling back tax cuts that went primarily to the wealthy as a better way to control budget deficits � and thus spur on the economy They try not to laugh when they say it� rather than trying to make them permanent at a cost of more than $1 trillion. Some also say Bush's plans for Social Security appear too expensive and won't solve the problem.Again suppressing laughter
Why I oughta.... Democrats also have criticized Bush for a net job loss during his presidency. More than 2 million jobs have been created in the past year, but Bush remains 313,000 jobs short of making up all those that have been lost since he took office in 2001.
Bush explained, See soon all those people who had high paying jobs that were sent overseas or eliminated will all be workin again at Mc Donalds, and Wal Mart
The economy has struggled to create new jobs during the recovery from the 2001 recession and, on Friday, the administration significantly reduced its forecast of jobs that will be created next year, saying the economy will produce 2.1 million new jobs. A year ago, it said 3.6 million jobs would be created in 2005.
Of course we buried this part of the story all the way down at the bottom becuase we love to lick Bush's sack for our tax cuts ha ha. Oh yeah, now its time for a blatant Bush lie to close things up and make the simple minded feel that everything will be OK.
"Our economy has come through a lot these past four years and now our people are benefiting from solid economic growth, steady gains in new jobs, record home ownership, and rising family incomes," Bush said

In case you didn't get the message, watch this video

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