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December 16, 2004.

Hey guys, gotta make this a quick one this morning, Got work today for a couple of hours. whoo hooo, I just might pay the rent yet. I'll come back later and clean this up, and maybe add a few more things. Thanks H.L.

                                        blow me

From The Wilderness

Rampant Insider Selling Raises Red Flags - AP Reports Major Corporate Execs, Including Some From the Homebuilding Industry Are Dumping Stocks - Serious Predictor of a Coming Crash

Bush wants to make it so that when your life gets ruined by a multi billion dollar corporation, you dont get squat

Knight Ridder

Trial lawyers come under fire at White House economic conference


Conyers "prepared" to contest Ohio Electoral Vote (Keith Olbermann)

                                    blow me

Columbus Free Press

American democracy hangs by a thread in Ohio

He shot himself TWICE in the head, Is that Possible?

News From Babylon

Reporter's 'suicide' confirmed by coroner

Another Election Story

NewMexico 18,659 Missing E-Votes

Well that didn't come out so bad, see you later. H.L.

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