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December 20, 2004.

Suicide Bombers Hit Holy Iraqi Cities, 62 Dead

By Khaled Farhan
NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Suicide car bombers struck Iraq's two main Shi'ite holy cities of Najaf and Kerbala on Sunday, killing at least 62 people and wounding nearly 130, in coordinated attacks six weeks before a historic election. Another day better off without Saddam It was the highest bombing death toll in Iraq since July and by far the bloodiest attack since last month's U.S. assault on the Sunni city of Falluja, which aimed to quell the insurgency. Both bombs, which went off about two hours apart, exploded near crowded bus stations in an apparently coordinated attempt to cause as much bloodshed as possible among Shi'ites, a long-oppressed majority expected to dominate the Jan. 30 vote. Earlier in Baghdad, gunmen killed three Electoral Commission employees after hauling them from a car on a busy street The attacks appeared designed to provoke sectarian conflict with Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s long-dominant Sunni minority. Shi'ite leaders called on their people not to reply in kind. In Najaf, the suicide bomber detonated his vehicle about 300 yards from the Imam Ali shrine, near crowds of people queuing for buses and taxis and not far from busy offices.

H.L.s Take: These "Elections" are going to be a joke. How many people are actually going to show up and vote, when they know they will end up like the crowd of people in this picture above.

The L.A. Weekly

All the President�s Problems A blundering start to the second term

OH baby tell me another


I saw this one on Bartcop.com, The coolest site on the web.


LIe Girls

They Know what you want to hear




This isn't what I remember learning from the Catholics growing up

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Catholic crusader's pious punch

In Bushland everyday is "Opposite Day"

The Maine Press Herald

The White House must love 'opposite day'

Bush can't fire him because he's makes the monkey look almost good by comparison.

Chicago Tribune

GOP leaders join chorus of Rumsfeld detractors

Sign zee papers old man.


Signature on death letters fuels Rumsfeld criticism

They Still haven't given up on The battle of Ohio. Columbus Free Press

Ohio vote count battles escalate amidst new evidence of potential criminal activity

Ok heres one from Sutton Impact to close up with today.

              As seen in the Village Voice

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