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December 12, 2004.
They are holding protests Today in every state capital in America, over the Vote Fraud. If you can get to the one near you, go. Head Out to the state Capital near  you


at Noon Everywhere!


On December 12th 2004 at 12 noon, before the steps of your State Capitol and the Federal Capitol, join with us to protest the theft of our votes and our voting rights in the 2004 election. As citizens, it is our duty to protect those basic rights that insure the survival of our democracy and constitution for present and future generations of Americans.

Read The Voter Bill of Rights and Your comments on the Blog.


Fallujah To Be A Virtual Concentration Camp

Check out this nifty little device. It blocks Fox News from coming into a Television


This is a must have for the lunch room where the Fox freaks hang out Purchasing a FOX Blocker and telling the advertisers at FOX News why you did it will encourage advertisers spending their money somewhere else.

If we band together and tell the advertisers to shut the FOX up, we can help limit the scope, or at least the profitability of FOX News.

FOXBlocker is an innovative new product that filters out the FOX News network. Simply screw the filter into the back of your TV and never be exposed to right wing propaganda again (at least through FOX News). Using a proprietary technology, the FOXBlocker works to filter out FOX News from your cable lineup.

Protect yourself and your family, or send one to a misguided right wing friend.

Priced at JUST $8.95, the FOXBlocker is a wonderful way of telling the advertisers at FOX News that you are no longer interested in being exposed to right wing propaganda.

With every order placed, FOXBlocker.com will send an e-mail in your name to the TOP 10 advertisers at FOX News letting them know that yet another subscriber has opted out of FOX News. With a little luck and a lot of volume, we can shut the FOX up!

The New York Times is acting like the congressional hearings on Voter Fraud do not exsist.

International Labor Communications Association

How Dare New York Times Ignore Congressional Hearings on Election Fraud

If you haven't seen it check out Jon Stewarts take on Rummy getting grilled by the troops. This includes some footage I hadn't seen. As usual Jon is hilarious and right on the money Note: You have to sit through 14 seconds of Ellen DeGeneres before the Stewart clip starts. I know its hard to do, and you might want to condider blowing off the whole thing because the sacrifice is just too great, but just mute her out close your eyes and count to 14.

The Daily Show

F'd Troop

Gotta head out, see ya soon.

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