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December 13, 2004.
Another day In Bush's Iraq. Another 8 Marines Killed,+ another 5 people.


Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Baghdad

If you are going to protest in Washington D.C. Be Careful, I got a feeling that the security is going to be looking for any reason they can to Kill them some protesters.

NY Times

First Inauguration Since 9/11 Spurs Tightest Security

Bernie Kerik made Rudy Guiliani look bad to Bush. Good. Whatever it takes to get rid of these assholes

NY Times

Strain Is Seen in Giuliani Ties With President

Turns out old Bernie was not being very "Values Oriented" when he was banging a couple of babes besides his wife. OOOPS. And, oh yeah seems hes got lots of mob ties too. You know, the guys that made Guiliani Mayor, like John Gotti, when Guiliani finally had him put away after 4 trials.

NY Daily News

Now his double affair laid bare

Heres a story of Liberal type folks from Hollywood

USA Today

Hollywood's 'elite': We're not villains

Gary Webb died the other night. He was the guy who broke the Bush, Contra, Cocaine, story back in the 80's. He was found with a bullet in his head. Another "Suicide" Writing about Bush must be depressing becuase he is the 4th person to write about the Bush's to off himself. J.M. Hatfield author of Fortunate Son, the Jr. biography, was another.

Progressive Review


Gotta make it a quick one this morning. I get to work for some pay today. whoo hooo, gotta go

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