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December 10, 2004.


Its back. Bigger and better then before. Its H.L.T.V. This is the third episode, and in this one is called.

H.L.,Drives a Beat up Old Piece of Shit Honda all The Way to St. Louis.

Thats right, I drove 2000 miles looking for some adventure. So check it out, its about 13 minutes long. I'm going to have two versions;

Big Version. For People with Good Computers
Small Version For people who need new Computers.

Also I have uploaded a Small Version Of "H.L Goes Way up into The Mountains to get the Shirts." (featuring the guitar virtousity of Roby Duron) So if you didn't get to see it the first time check it out. Speaking of the shirts, I still have some left. Come on people help me out. I'm not even sure I have a job anymore. What other web site goes to such legnths to bring you this kind of entertainment. Take a visit to the Store and order some T-shirts for all your Liberal friends even if they are not from Hollywood.

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